Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

A backpack sprayer isn’t a new invention, however, Milwaukee found a way to put a twist on it and build a better mousetrap.  There is a lot to love about sprayers but they also have their disadvantages as well.  One of the biggest disadvantages is cross-contamination.  So the old way was to spend time cleaning the tank out after each use hoping you have it clean enough for the next application.  Here is where the switch tank comes into play so let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Switch Tank Review.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review Overview

As we just discussed, cross-contamination is a real issue for sprayers.  Before you had two option, you can own multiple sprayers or spend a ton of time cleaning the sprayer out after each use.  Milwaukee saw this problem and created a solution with the Milwaukee Switch Tank Sprayer.

How the system works is instead of buying multiple sprayers, you can just buy different tanks and swap them out when not in use. Sure if you are using it for landscaping, the price might get a little high as each tank cost $150.  But when you think about the alternative, it’s not a bad price.

As an FYI, Milwaukee has different systems which one is for water (Blue Handle), one is concrete (Black Handle)  and another for landscapers (Green Handle).

Today we are covering the landscape model – 2820-21PS which includes one battery.  If you own batteries and want to save some money, you can go with the bare tool, model 2820-20PS

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review Features

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

As noted above, this is the landscape model noted by the green cap.  The sprayer is powered by a Milwaukee M18 battery and can deliver between 20 and 120 PSI with a range of 25′ on the highest psi setting. Since the system is battery powered, there is no manual pumping.  The  Sprayer Tank Assembly features a dual-diaphragm pump for longer pump life and Viton® seals for increased durability against harsh chemicals.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

The base unit is located below the tank and is easy to access and clean.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

There is a handle built into the unit when you need to carry it or pull it off the truck.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

As with most backpack systems, this has shoulder, chest and hip straps.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

To power on the unit and adjust speeds, there is a dial and toggle switch which you can access even with the unit on your back. You can set the sprayer to 5 different psi modes.

The battery slides into the unit and more than enough room to insert a larger battery than the standard 3Ah battery.  When using, the door will close tight and prevent dust or liquids from entering the battery bay area. The 3Ah battery will give you a life span of 12 tanks while increasing the battery amp, you will get more tanks per charge.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

The tank is a 4-gallon tank that can be swapped out with other Milwaukee tanks.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

The tanks are a hard plastic for daily abuse and also feature a bottom screw drain.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

The tank lids have a built-in handle and color-coded for different applications.

The tanks have a large opening when pouring liquid to prevent mess and loss of liquids.  There is also a removable strainer.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

The hose is a softer plastic which makes it easy to work with as you are moving the want around.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

The handle is ergonomic and easy to work with.  While I would have liked to see more metal on the handle, it is solid and should last.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

There is a 45-degree angle tip which is plastic.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

The main tip is brass and definitely durable for this type of application.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review Performance

The padding on the straps makes it comfortable to wear, even with a full tank.  I know some people have complained but if you wear the hips straps on top of your hips, then most of the weight is distributed and the tank isn’t heavy or cumbersome.

The tool offers both a wide spray and a stream.  The wide spray makes a nice wide pattern and is very easy to work with if you need a larger area to spray.

While the straight stream will push the liquids for a high if you are trying to reach a high spot.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review

I love the screw off drain to drain any liquids.  You don’t have to fight with turning it upside down and having everything splash all over you or mess up your back.

Overall, the system works great.  Very responsive, easy to control and long working times.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review Value

You can pick up the bare kit for about $300 at The Home Depot or you can buy the kit which has a battery and charger for about $400.  If you want just an extra tank, that will set you back another $150 per tanks.

So is this a good value? If you are a landscaper and use a sprayer on a regular basis, yes, it’s worth the money.  Especially if you will be using fertilizer and other chemicals, this is a good system to own as a couple of jobs can pay for the unit.  This will allow you or your workers to be quicker and more efficient for each job.

Milwaukee Switch Tank Review Final Thoughts

For me, I think this is a cool new product and love the switch tank design.  Not only does it make your work easier but it also helps eliminate cross-contamination.  I like the design, the build quality and the ease of use.  I know some people say it is heavy, which if you are not wearing the system correctly, yes it’s heavy with all the liquids.  Just make sure the shoulder straps are tight, the chest strap is on and the hip straps are riding above your hips as that will take most of the weight.  If you wear it correctly, then the system isn’t cumbersome at all.  I think it’s a great addition to the Milwaukee line of products.



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