Bosch GAS20-17A Dust Extractor

Bosch GAS20-17A Vacuum

As technology gets better, so does the understanding of the human body.  What makes it tick, what makes it better and what hurts our body.  Over the years we have been finding out that our bodies, while incredibly strong, there are things, even things we don’t see that hurt us.  One of the biggest issues is lung cancer from breathing in fine particles we can’t even see.  So it’s important that we protect our bodies so that is why I am talking about the Bosch GAS20-17A vacuum.  Not only can this dust extractor protect you but it can keep your shop clean, your work area clean and make your life more pleasant.

Bosch GAS20-17A Dust Extractor – Information

Bosch GAS20-17A Dust Extractor – Features

There are a lot of dust extractors in the market but very few have this type of power and build quality, along with the features.

  • 17.5 Amp motor
  • 300 CFM
  • On-Board Automatic filter cleaning activates every 15 seconds
  • HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns and larger
  • Drain Hose
  • Metal frame
  • large wheels and casters
  • 16 Ft. 35mm anti-static hose
  • 20 Amp plug
  • Static water lift 96″
  • Fold-down push handle

Bosch GAS20-17A Dust Extractor – Impressions

So here is the deal with this dust extractor.  I am in the process of remodeling my house and one item on my list is to grind up the paint on my basement floor and also cut a trench in the floor for some pipe.  I did a lot of research and this was the vacuum that stuck out to me, not just because of the safety and Hepa filter.  I went with this vacuum because of the power, the build quality, Bosch’s reputation and size.  So when you ask me my first impression, I am obviously going to say I all ready like because I know what’s out there and don’t think much can compete with this unit.  I will be doing the floors soon and will revisit this as a review but wanted to get you some information to start with.

Right off the bat, I love the quality of the unit.  I love the metal frame for durability and the large back wheels along with the front casters.  This set up makes it roll nicely, even over debris and cords.  I love how long the hose is which means I am not fighting the dust extractor and trying to pull it around when the hose gets tight.  Same goes for the long power cord.  Again, it’s just fewer hassles and fewer struggles with a long hose and power cord.  For me, that would be enough to buy this dust extractor but there is more to like about this unit.

I love how large the tank is so it’s doesn’t fill up quickly.  While I won’t be using it for water, it does have a nice lift capability along with easy emptying.  What I have found out so far by just picking up sawdust around the shop, the 15-second blowback is a great feature as the dust extractor doesn’t lose power.

The top comes off easy and it’s easy to lower the push handle, but I usually just leave it up unless I have to store it under my workbench and need the room.

Dust extractors aren’t the most exciting tool in the world, but I am excited to get started on my basement floor and see how this performs under real-world conditions.  I have no doubt it will perform like a champ with concrete givings Bosch’s reputation, but it’s always nice to see first hand.

Bosch GAS20-17A Dust Extractor – Wrap Up

While this extractor excels in multiple applications, I think it really shines for concrete cutting and concrete grinding.  With the findings of Silica and cancer, a quality dust extractor is a must on any jobsite.  The unit is powerful, efficient at cleaning the air and worth every penny to help keep you safe.


  1. Good review. I love Bosch products and have yet to be disappointed with one. Do you feel the unit tops easily or does the wide base cover that issue? I know other extractors look lower to the ground but don’t have as wide of base.

    • Great question. I have been using it more for stationary use and not pulling it around. But the times I have pulled it around, it hasn’t tipped over when it hits a small rock or the power cord.


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