Milwaukee M12 Work Light


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Milwaukee M12 Work Light

The Milwaukee work light 49-24-0145 is a nice little light weight flash light to have around.  This light is part of the Milwaukee M12 line up.  If you are not familiar with the M12, it is part of the Milwaukee 12V Lithium Ion line.  The light is extremely light, even with the battery.  It has a 90 degree pivoting head and uses a Xenon incandescent bulb.  On the back side of the light, there is an integrated magnet, so you can stick your light to any metal surface.  Plus this acts as a nice base if you need to lay the flash light down on its back to shine the light.

You can buy this light separately, but Milwaukee offers this light in a variety of different power tool cordless kits.

The Review

There is not a lot to review about a flash light, but there are some items we would like to point out.  We were very surprised how bright the light was for only a 12V and an incandescent bulb.  As with most flash lights, the bulb is very easy to change.  This does have a push button switch where some of the other Milwaukee’s have a recessed switch like the V28 Light.

One item we really like is the size of the light.  We have always liked the bigger lights that come with the 18V systems because they have a nice base and shine a lot of light.  The M12 light is nice and compact which we like a lot.  If you have the room to work on a project and you can use an 18V light great.  But we always get those couple of projects where the light just gets in the way more than it helps.  That is where this 12V takes over and is great.  Very compact and shines a lot of light.

Final Thought

Overall this is a great little work light.  We like the light weight of this light and the pivoting head.  We like the fact that this light is very compact.  We do wish it was an LED light, but the current set up shines plenty of light to see your work area.  The base is nice which provides hands free operation.  The magnet on the side of the light is also helpful.


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