Hilti – WSR 36-A Reciprocating Saw




Hilti introduced a new reciprocating saw to the Hilti tool line up.  The WSR 36A Reciprocating saw is a cordless saw that uses a 36V 3.3 Ah CPC Li-Ion battery.  As with most saws this can be used for a variety of applications, such as cutting pipes, struts, steel studs and more.  As you would think, if it can cut through the harder material, it can definitely cut through wood and other softer materials.


Now we haven’t tested this saw yet, but Hilti has an active vibration reduction which reduces vibration by up to 2/3.  This saw has a variable speed trigger.  The tool weight is 9.1 Lbs and has a stroke length of 1-1/4″.  If you have used Hilti tools before, you know this one would be a treat to use.


  1. I think this Hilti recipricating saw has excellent potential for the tradesman and DIY people with this all in one tool. There’s something to be said about a tool that cuts everything on demand without carrying around half a dozen various power tools for every job. The cordless feature is priceless as well but I hear the batteries are pricey when it comes to replacing them.


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