Milwaukee Contractor Bag Review



Milwaukee Contractor Bag

This Milwaukee tool bag came with the kit 2490-24.  As with the other Milwaukee storage bags, this one is no different.  It is made of Nylon and has two carrying handles.  While a shoulder strap doesn’t come with this bag, you can purchase a strap as Milwaukee has added this option.

On the inside there is more than enough room to store all four tools in this kit with room left over.  There is also pockets on the inside to store hand tools.

The Contractor Review

There is not much to review on a contractor bag, but we did want to cover a couple items.  First this bag is very nice.  The Nylon is thick.  We looked around for a count, but couldn’t find any info.  The count must be good as the bag is nice and thick and we doubt you would be able to easily pierce this bag.

Another item we really like is all the available room.  Even with all four power tools in this bag, we had room for some other items, plus we could add hand tools in the inside pockets.

Final Thought

As with the other Milwaukee tool bags we have tested, this is a great bag to have around.  There is plenty of space and other pockets to store your tools.  We do wish this came with a shoulder strap, but over all this ia a great bag.



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