Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 2260-22 – Sneak Peek


The M12 line is turning into a huge payoff for Milwaukee Tools, it has expanded with over 35+ tools and proving to be the one to beat in the 12V lithium Ion arena.  Milwaukee tools are essentially designed by users, they work side by side with the contractors and address their needs and wants. Every recent Milwaukee tool has something Innovative and new.  The M12 Thermal Imager 2260-22 is no different and has a host of features that I will briefly touch base on here.

The unit is powered by the M12 battery the Red Lithium has been out for a while now and proved itself to have great power and run times.  This saves you from having to plug the unit into the wall and wait 4 hours for it to charge.  With the M12 you can just swap and go essentially having the unit work an entire day with no downtime.  The temp range is 14 degrees F to 662 degrees F with I believe they said with a ±2% accuracy.  It has a 160X120 resolution as you can see from the pics it looks very detailed on the big screen.  The LCD has a resolution of 640X480 at 60 Hz which is nice a big.  It comes with a 2GB  SD card to store 6000 images where competitors usually include only 1gb.   So the Imager specs out well and I’m already sold, but that is only half of features of this tool.  The tool can take both a regular visual image and a thermal image at the same time for detailed side by side comparisons.  One pull of the trigger takes a snap and saves it to .JPEG to the SD card, so no proprietary picture formats are used, I like that a lot.

But wait there’s more!  I feel like Billy Maze.  The unit also includes windows software that instantly creates reports.  This means that a contractor can go out to the job and diagnose the problem, plug into a laptop create a report and give it to the customer on the spot and get paid.  The visual image also helps the customer understand what he or she is looking at.  The unit also has a IP54 rating basically this means its tough and splash proof.  The trigger area is wide allowing the user to wear gloves therefore not compromising safety.  It has 2 integrated LED floodlights in the front to aid in low light conditions.

The tool has Milwaukee’s  5 year warranty which is a huge plus when you plan to invest in a tool like this.  The tool will be priced around $2500, the innovative features of this imager make it smoke the competition in its price range.  Again Milwaukee is proving that it can take an existing tool work with the user and innovate.  I want this tool in a bad way!

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