General Tools & Instruments Seeker Digital Airflow Meter DAF3010B – Review


This is one of those products that has a lot of uses in many applications, even if you don’t use it for your daily work, it sure is fun and cool to have.  The DAF3010B  is a compact design and weighs around 4 ounces allowing it to fit into most pockets.  The unit fits nicely in the palm of you hand and has a rubber molded grip across the bottom.  The fan is well protected thanks to the oversized plastic shroud that surrounds it.  Just below the fan on the left is a temperature probe that is also well protected. The temp probe seemed reasonably accurate when testing it against a temp gun. It includes and case and is powered by the included 3 volt button cell battery.

On the face are 4 buttons and a  LCD screen.  On the display is wind speed, temperature, battery status and a digital Beaufort scale which I thought was kind of neat.  It also includes a windchill indicator and a selectable °F/°C switch.  The unit measures air speed units of ft/min, m/s, km/hr,mph and knots and can Display current, average, or maximum wind speed.  The fastest wind speed I was able to record with this device was around 76mph and that was with a blower.  The included hold feature comes in handy when you cant see the LCD screen.

This tool is good for a variety of things from checking your vents in your house to checking vents in cars.  Its great for people who need to gauge the wind like weather spotters etc.  It is a good rugged anemometer for general use. 





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