Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver from General Tools & Instruments – Review


I like gadgets so when I had the opportunity to check out the Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver from General Tools & Instruments I was flabbergasted!  I am always taking things apart and seeing what makes them tick, after a while your hand gets tired from all the twisting.  A few months back we checked out the Husky PowerTek Screwdriver and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Let’s just say the General is like sliced bread toasted with butter.. Yummy!

A few things I noticed right off was the massive torque and the quality of this product. For around $20 it cannot be beat.  It comes with a Precision bit assortment (1/8” drive): Phillips: #00, #0, Slotted: 1/16”, 1/8” , Torx: T5, T6 and the 2AA batteries that power it.  I took apart a few laptops, wrenched on a few radio controlled cars and the driver performed flawlessly.  It had plenty of torque and power. The momentary forward and reverse switch was easy to operate and virtually fatigue free, it is easy to hold and control.  It spins at around 100 rpms, now remember these are small micro parts we are dealing with here and require only a handful of rotations to accomplish the job.  The battery life is 10+ hours.

I would like to see this released as a kit with more bits as they are odd sized, especially odd security bits.  Overall I rate this tool highly and would recommend it to anyone. It has a great price point and will be going in my tool box.


  1. I got this tool for Christmas ’09 and love it. The one complaint I have is bits. The size is an odd size and I haven’t been able to find other bits, like security bits, let alone standard replacement bits. If anyone knows where to get additional bits I would be very appreciative!


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