Milwaukee M12 Fuel 5/8” SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Kit Review – 2416-22XC


This is still one of those tools that just amazes me.  I still don’t really get how a 12V tool can do so much work.  I would think with this type of tool you might get one or two holes, but that could not be further from the truth.  I know what you’re thinking, I am full of crap.  That’s what I would be thinking if someone was trying to tell me a 12V rotary hammer can do serious work.  This is a light weight tool, that doesn’t have a lot of vibration and can do some serious work.  For this you will just have to trust me because this little bad boy doesn’t disappoint.

Doesn’t Milwaukee already have a M12 Rotary hammer out?  As a matter of fact, they do.  You may remember we did a review of the first M12 rotary hammer model 2412 and fell in love with that tool.  So what is so special or different with the 2416-22XC?  By looking at the outside of the tool, you won’t see much difference.  Well if you look hard enough you will see some small minor differences, but the real difference is on the inside and the batteries.  First, this new Fuel rotary hammer uses a brushless motor as opposed to the older one that uses a brushed motor.  The brushless should prolong the life of the tool, more runtime and more power.  Speaking of more power and speed, Milwaukee increased the speed by 100 rpm to a range of 0-900 rpm.  Milwaukee also increased the BPM by 850 with a range of 0-6,200.  Both of these means a faster drilling time from the older model.  Another big advantage of the newer Fuel is the bit capacity.  The older version was an impressive 1/2″ drilling capacity.  However Milwaukee upped the capacity to 5/8″ which gives this tool a wider range of drilling uses.  Another big advantage of the newer 2416-22XC are the batteries.  The new Fuel is shipped with Milwaukee M12 4.0 A/h batteries which means longer run time.  Okay,  a lot of impressive upgrades, but what’s the downside?  Currently, you will pay about $50 more for this version, which in light of all the upgrades isn’t bad.  Even with all the upgrades, Milwaukee was able to keep this rotary hammer just as light as their previous version of 3.9 lbs.  The newer version is 1″ longer at 10″.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Rotary Hammer 10So should you upgrade?  Personally, I wouldn’t.  The 2412 is an awesome tool and will rip though a lot.  I would suggest saving the money and buying something else in the M12 line.  So if you’re looking to jump into one of these tools, is the extra money worth it?  I say yes, without a doubt.  Having a brushless motor, means longer life.  The higher capacity batteries gives you more run time.  With the other small improvements such as speed, bpm and chuck size, I think the small investment to buy the brushless version outweighs the extra cost.


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Bottom line this is one bad a** little rotary hammer.  With most holes being drilled 5/8″ and under, why carry and work with all the extra weight and power you don’t need?  If you have never put your hands on one of these tools, trust me, you will be in for a surprise.  Milwaukee hit a home run with the M12 Fuel Rotary Hammer.   Lightweight, powerful and easy to control.







  1. Great writeup and pictures Eric!! This tool is amazing!, The M12 line is unbelievable, 5/8 in chuck is great, now has 4.0 batteries, It looks lightweight from the pictures! I can not wait to get my hands on one! I would freak if they released one with a chipper! Keep up the great work guys!

  2. I only have a couple projects that could really use this rotary hammer. But your review makes me rack my brain for more and more. Thanks.

  3. Looks sweet, guys. I’m a smaller guy, and used to struggle with the full-sized tools when we needed to drill concrete or break it up. I like the idea that it can be used/held with one hand if necessary, and that it really has some power behind it. Incidentally, are the newer corded tools using brushless technology as well, or has that been reserved for the cordless models? It would seem to be a natural progression to include it for the more-efficient operation and power it provides, plus minimizing tool maintenance.

  4. Milwaukee is killing the competition in the 12v market. No comparison. If money grew on trees, I’d have this tool in my hand, no doubt.

  5. Save your money because in less than a year Milwaukee will come out with a newer fuel m12 rotary hammer with a 3/4″ capacity, chipping mode and, a couple of 5.0 batteries for only $50 more. Joking aside, Milwaukee is leading the way in the 12v category.

  6. I think this was a great review! Its amazing to see how these major tool companies are coming out with these 12v tools with tons of power. It makes the future of power tools look even better than people thought!

  7. I use the full line of m12 i love these things and so does the guys in my company we just got some of the band saws. HVAC and Plumbing company hoping to get this next


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