Milwaukee Introduces Four New Hand Tools

Milwaukee 48-22-3990

Milwaukee introduced four new hand tools to their current large line of hand tools.  As you know Milwaukee is all about innovation.  When you pick up their tools, you can tell that Milwaukee tool isn’t a company that just takes an existing tool and puts their name on it.  They do a lot of research, design and implementation into their products.  That is one reason why I am a fan of most of their tools.  Recently I had a chance to take a look at four of their new hand tools.

Milwaukee Hand Tools

  • Fine Line Chalk Reel – 48-22-3992
  • High Tension Hacksaw – 48-22-0050
  • PVC/ABS Saw – 48-22-0212
  • Cable Cutting Pliers – 48-22-6104


Cable Cutting Pliers – 48-22-6104

MIlwaukee Hand ToolsCutting cable isn’t an easy task.  Usually you have a pair of pliers that are either dull or don’t have the proper leverage on them.  Well now Milwaukee has a pair of cable cutting pliers designed to compete with some of the other manufacturers in town.  These pliers have a beveled jaw head with an optimized blade angle to help make cutting cable a little easier.  The pliers have a forged strength design and can cut up to 4/0 aluminum and 2/0 copper.  The design of the handles are comfortable, however I am not a huge fan of the grips.  I tend to really like the Klein grips better.  It’s not a knock on Milwaukee, just a preference on my part.


PVC/ABS Saw – 48-22-0212

Milwaukee 48-22-0212The new PVC/ABS saw is a great addition.  With a tool free blade change and a metal core body, this might just be your best friend on the job site.  The handle has a clamshell design with a rubber overmold grip making this not only durable, but comfortable.  In regards to the blade, the blade does have rust protection, plus the ability to cut through plastic, wallboard, laminates and even plywood while staying sharp.


High Tension Hacksaw – 48-22-0050

Milwaukee 48-22-0050

The Hacksaw, one of the coolest tools around.  Not sure why I love these tools so much, but there is just something about a hacksaw that makes it bad a**.  Well maybe it’s just the name.  The new Milwaukee hacksaw has a reinforced metal frame for more tension and a longer durability out of the tool. One cool feature to this hacksaw is the tension knob.  The high leverage tension knob is easy to adjust and also makes changing the blade a snap.  Another cool feature is on the top of the tool, the black metal bar is hollow which allows storage for extra blades.  The handle has a nice overmolded grip which is another nice added touch to this saw.  What’s that, you’re worried about flush cuts.  Milwaukee has you covered with a 45° Angle Blade Position, perfect for those flush cuts.


Fine Line Chalk Reel – 48-22-3992

Milwaukee 48-22-3990

How many times have you seen chalk reels made from a cheap plastic and you wonder to yourself who the hell designed this tool.  The new Milwaukee is a little different  and that is because it is designed with an all metal body.  Which means it should take the abuse of any site.  Doesn’t matter if you kick it off the roof or drop it from your belt, it should last.  Another thing you have probably seen with your reel is the stripping of the clutch.  Apparently Milwaukee has a stripguard clutch to prevent this, nicely done Milwaukee.  Adding chalk is also a snap.  Just turn the head about a 1/4 turn and it will come off.  There is a nice large hole to add your chalk.  This chalk reel comes with a 6:1 gear retraction ratio.



  1. Hum! Interesting. Now all tool manufactures are creating the same tools, except in their colors. I do like it, because I get to have flavor in my tool bag. I try not to have to much red, yellow, blue, rainbow of anything. But, in hand tools I do tend to favor Klein & Stanley. Laters TIA


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