Klein Heavy-Duty Ratcheting Bolt Cutter – 63RBCHD


Any electrician knows guy strand can be a major pain to cut with normal bolt cutters.  You end up gnawing away in hope that it leaves a somewhat decent cut. Those days are over thanks to the new Klein Heavy-Duty Ratcheting Bolt Cutter.  Klein has been on the ball lately with releasing innovative solutions for the job-site while retaining that quality that Klein is known for in the industry.

The long handles provide more than adequate leverage to cut 1/4″-1/2″ utility-grade guy strand and up to 3/8″ EHS.  The jaws stay in correct alignment thanks to a lockplate that prevents the jaw bolts from loosening.  A spring-loaded cable retention hook snaps onto the cable and prevents the individual steel strands from slipping out of the jaws.  The tool weighs in at 10.9 lbs.  For more visit Klein Tools.



  1. I’d like to have that bad boy right there. When we get a pour ready and put wire in and have to cut out and around corners and pipes this would keep the strain down after cutting a 60ft run of 6 ×6 wire mesh. And the cutters moving and pinching instead of cutting every time takes a roll on the back arms and hands. #tiacrew #tia

  2. This would be nice to have since I’m a sparky, cutting steel wire is a pain in the rear. I know this bad boy is up there in price, maybe one day :/

  3. A ratcheting bolt cutter? What a great idea. That will go on my short list of tools to get this year. Thanks for the heads up Eric. #TIA CREW

  4. This is one tool I tought it would be a nice to have, because it would be rare that I would ever use one. Until I needed one & the one we had pretty much stunk. We struggled cutting a lock for several minutes, then cutting thick wire mesh to get into an old warehouse. I may have to invest in a nice bolt cutter & Klein tools is one of the best tool company. So what if it gathers dust in the garage. I wish that I had them that day. Laters TIA


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