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klein lights

As you know Klein pretty much makes some of the best tools for electricians.  Klein is a family owned business that is located right here in the United States, plus they have a long history.  I am sure if you talk to any old timer or even check his tools (if he will let you), you will probably find or hear some story about their Klein tools.  Now Klein added a couple new lights to their large list of tools.  Klein lights are designed to help show off your work space.  Now Dan doesn’t think they are Klein quality, but personally I think they are great lights.  Are they the best lights I have ever seen, no.  But what they will be used for, I think they are a great option.

Klein Clip Light – 56221

Klein 56221

This is a cool little light to have around.  You have so many options for this light.  You can clip it to your shirt pocket or somewhere on your work to light up an area.  You can even clip it to your bag, if that works better.  However if you have metal around, which why wouldn’t you, the clip has built in magnets so bam, there you go.  Just place on the metal object and you have light.  The light has two modes, a high and a low.  Now don’t expect the high to blow you out of the water, but it does a great job spreading the light around.  The light is also impact and water resistant.  My only concern with this light is the power button on the side.  The button is very sensitive, so if you just throw it in your bag, chances are the light will turn on and stay on.  The light is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which produces 150 lumens.  You should get about 6 hours of run time with this light.


Klein Pen Light – 56222

Klein 56222Pen lights are always a handy solution to have around.  They tend to produce a lot of light, they don’t weigh a lot and you can stick them in your pocket.  This light has an aluminum body with a nice rubber handle which helps with grip.  The light also comes with a clip if you want to keep it in your top pocket.  That way it won’t fall out when you bend over.  This light is impact resistant up to 10′, so that’s a pretty good fall before you have to worry about it not working.  As with the clip light, this light is also water resistant.  This light runs off 2 AAA batteries which produce 36 lumens and about 5 hours of run time.


Klein Headlamp – 56220

Klein 56220

Hand free light that shines where you look.  The new Klein helmet headlamp is pretty cool.  The plastic rubber band easily attaches to your helmet and stays in place.  You can even adjust the angle of the light.  While the other lights have a higher drop rating, this one will still survive a 6′ drop.  This light has two modes, a spot light and a flood light.  In spotlight mode, you get 150 lumens and in floodlight mode, you get 50 lumens.  This light is powered by 3 AAA batteries and has a run time of about  6 hours in spotlight and 10 hours in floodlight.



  1. Neat stuff. Based off my overall positive experience with Klein, these should eventually make a welcome addition to my toolbag.

  2. I like them, very usable not like every other light. A simple light that doesn’t have a bunch of modes to switch through or useless extras like a bottle opener..lol

  3. I am going to have to check one of these headlamps out. I think it would come in handy when I am working under a piece of equipment instead of having to prop up a flashlight

    • UB–Yes, sometimes a headlamp is more useful than a standard flashlight, which can be difficult to aim at your work. Another possibility are the battery-powered worklights that DeWalt, Milwaukee and others make. They run off of the standard 18V or 20V batteries that power other tools in their lineup. I happen to have a DeWalt DCL040 from several years ago, and it’s great. It can shed some serious light while working in your car’s engine bay, while changing a tire on the side of a dark road, in the crawlspace beneath your home or when working under your kitchen sink. And, once set in position, they won’t move from it until you adjust the beam or relocate the light for your convenience.

  4. Klein just keeps expanding their horizons and shrinking out wallets, I can’t get enough lights and this seems like another one to consider in the never ending quest for the perfect tool. Thanks again Eric…………….#TIA CREW

  5. This stuff doesn’t really look like the usual Klein stuff, honestly it looks like rebranded Chinese lighting. The headlamp mechanism looks and sounds(when you click it into position) just like the Energizer headlamp, with differently lights(no red) and band. I think the Coast headlamps are going to blow this out of the water.


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