Milwaukee Foam Packout

Milwaukee Foam Packout

Let’s face it, most power tools are built to take the daily abuse of the job site.  When we are done, we can toss them around into a bag and not worry about them breaking. However, we do have certain tools we have to be more careful with such as measuring tools like LDM’s, Lasers, Infrared cameras, meters, and other electronic tools.  This is where the Milwaukee Foam Packout comes into play.  While the other power tools you don’t have to worry about, foam Packout will allow you to customize a layout and protect the other tools.

Milwaukee Foam Packout – Information

Milwaukee Foam Packout – Features

Milwaukee has a wide variety of Packout boxes but the foam Packout has a specific use and feature.  Here are some of the features to the Milwaukee Foam Packout.

  • Constructed with an impact-resistant polymer for durability
  • Metal Reinforced latches
  • IP65 Rated
  • Weather seal
  • 75lb weight capacity
  • Customizable foam insert can also be replaced
  • Works with all the Packout storage cases.
  • 5.69lbs.
  • Dimensions – 14.84″W x 5.91″H x 20.59″L

Milwaukee Foam Packout – First Impressions

The Packout system is one of my favorite job site tool organizational systems. I love how tough they are, how they lock into place and all the different sizes. The handle and hinges are held together with a metal rod, so they are built to last.  I like how beefy the latches are and easy to open, even with gloves on.

The foam is solid foam.  I have seen other systems where the foam is rather soft.  While that will still protect your tools, it’s always harder to cut.  With the Milwaukee foam, the solid foam, it seems easier to cut.

Now my house is under construction so my stuff is scattered all around.  Once I get back to being organized, I am going to put my favorite LDM and Infrared camera in the case.

Milwaukee Foam Packout – Wrap Up

A $70 investment can protect hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of tools.  I like the construction and love the Packout system.  So while the price tag is a little heavy, I think you get what you pay for with the Milwaukee Foam Packout. If you haven’t checked out the Packout system, I would highly recommend it and this is a nice addition to the Packout system.


  1. I would normally get the Kaizen foam inserts or buy whole 4’ X 2’ sheets of Kaizen foam for my existing various size PACKOUT boxes but I wanted to get that box with the included foam and see what I could fit in it con it’s a bit small than the small PACKOUT tool box, I could fit my M12 3/8 impact and M12 screw gun with 2 or 3 spare batteries or a charger and a spare battery, but I decided to use it for my Fluke multimeter and temperature gun, circuit tester, and various types of terminal crimpers, the foam is a Kaizen foam and it’s very easy to work with with 1/8 layers and it’s very easy to dig or peel out the layers, one thing that I think Milwaukee should include is a thin sheet of Kaizen foam on the lid to keep anything from bumping into the lid.

  2. Can you ask those who know over at Milwaukee what their thinking is on having two different version of this open stock single stack Packout?

    Not only do they not look the same but they are not the same size either.

    Ok one has foam but that can be overcome by buying Kaizen foam inserts.

    (1) PACKOUT Tool Box (48-22-8424)

    (2) PACKOUT Tool Case (48-22-8450)


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