Husky Workbench

Husky Workbench

Having a workspace is crucial for any job.  You need a flat place you can work that is stable and has a large surface.  For me, I like building my own benches.  However, that does take time and sometimes you just want an easy solution that will allow you to get set up and working right off the bat.  That is where the Husky Workbench comes into play.  For a reasonable price, you get a solid bench that allows you to sit and work or stand and work.  The bench folds away nicely and is solid.

Husky Workbench – Information

Husky Workbench – Features

When it comes to a nice table that is sturdy and has plenty of room for working, the Husky has some key advantages and features.

  • Durable wood workbench
  • Supports up to 2,300 lbs
  • Adjustable legs
  • Can fold up compact
  • Measures 72″ W x 24″ D x 41″ H (Adjustable height ranges from 35″ to 42″ tall)
  • Weighs 128 lbs.

Husky Workbench – First Impressions

Before you even walk up to this bench, it looks awesome.  The wood top looks classic and the black steel legs look like they can withstand a bomb.

Once you are working with the bench, the first thing we noticed is how stable the bench is.  The bench isn’t flimsy, it doesn’t wobble and the table top is thick so you can actually use this as a workbench and hammer on it.

The legs are thick steel and will not buckle.  You can adjust the feet if you need to level out the bench.

We have the bench set up and will leave it in place but you can raise or lower the bench depending upon if you want to stand and work at the bench or sit and work at the bench.  The other nice feature is the ability to fold it up and store it.

I know there isn’t a lot to talk about a workbench but for me, I have two points that make a bench worth the cost.  The first is stability, which this has.  The second is durability, which this also has.  So for me, I am sold on the bench.

Husky Workbench – Wrap Up

Bottom line, this bench is solid and provides a large working surface for any garage or shop.  I love the top and how well it’s built with the steel legs.  While we will use this bench in the standing position, it’s nice to set it up for a sitting position also.  Right now we have it located in our shop on the mechanic side of the shop and will be leaving it in place so we can work on parts, etc.  However, for those who want to drag it out for certain occasions, it’s also nice it can fold up for storage.  For $352, it’s a good deal.  I have to admit when I first saw the price, I was shocked, but after seeing the quality, it’s worth it.

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  1. I am trying to find a 72″ two drawer Husky adjustable height work table in either black or white. No one seems to be able to order on for me ??


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