Milwaukee AX Sawzall Blade

Milwaukee AX Sawzall Blade

There are a ton of power tool accessories to pick from.  Almost every manufacturer has some type of accessory they offer to the consumer.  However, I can’t think of one accessory that gets more abuse than the reciprocating saw blade.  Sure you have oscillating blades, circular saw blades and others, but when you think about the abuse of the reciprocating saw blade, it takes a beating.

These blades go through wood, metal, plastic, and everything in between.  They are probably the most underappreciated accessory on the jobsite.  The only time we really notice reciprocating saw blades is when they don’t work on a demolition project.

When you think about it, it’s just a thin piece of metal and we expect this thin piece of metal to cut through anything, take the heat build up and the abuse of the daily job.  We don’t ask it to perform once, we ask it to perform these tasks over and over again.  It’s amazing that these blades even hold up under one use, let alone 10 uses.

Milwaukee AX Sawzall Blade – Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee AX Sawzall Blade

There are a ton of manufacturers who design, produce and manufacture reciprocating saw blades.  Some of the top performers are Lenox and Diablo.  Now there are others, but those are usually the two manufacturers users seek out.  We know Milwaukee has one of the top rated reciprocating saws on the market called the Sawzall, but did you know they also make reciprocating blades?  In fact, they are made right here in the states.  How cool is that?

Milwaukee isn’t new to the world of reciprocating blades.  They spend a tremendous amount of time, research and money into the development of these blades.  They know this type of accessory takes a lot of abuse and Milwaukee figures since they make one of the best reciprocating saws on the market, why not make one of the best blades?  Now I am not saying they are the best as I will let you guys decide who is the best.  I am just here to let you know about the blade.

Milwaukee AX Sawzall Blade – The Blade

Milwaukee AX Sawzall Blade

So what does Milwaukee put into these blades to make them last under harsh conditions?

One of the key ingredients is Carbide.  The teeth on this blade are made with carbide tips which make these blades last longer than your traditional metal blades.

Milwaukee isn’t the only company using this ingredient, but it is important to note that they have the capability to create such a blade as it’s not easy to manufacture these blades. This is one reason these blades cost a pretty penny.

The carbide teeth will provide about 30x the life when using in nail embedded wood.  Since it can cut better, it also means your tool can run longer before the next charge.  So it makes your tool more efficient.

Milwaukee AX Sawzall Blade

One feature to this blade is the tip of the blade. The fang tip allows the user to perform plunge cuts, which some other blades can not.

Milwaukee AX Sawzall Blade – Final Thoughts

As a user, you have access to a bunch of companies that make great blades.  Am I here to say only buy Milwaukee blades?  No, but it’s a great option.  I would suggest buying a couple different manufacturers and test them out for yourself.  See which blade lasts you the longest and go with that manufacturer.


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