Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review

Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review

When you start looking at the world of saw blades, you will see that you have hundreds of options to choose from.  You can buy an inexpensive blade right from China or an expensive blade that will clean out your wallet.  So which blade is right for you?  Today we take a look at Diablo with our Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review.

Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review

Before we move on you have to understand who this blade is designed for and what type of work.  This blade isn’t designed for finish carpentry, it’s designed for framing and demo work.  It’s designed to be used in unknown environments.  What I mean by the unknown is where the user isn’t sure if there is a nail or metal or something else embedded into the wood.  If you aren’t sure what’s in the wood, just make sure you never use your expensive blade as you will tear it apart.

Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review – Tracking

Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review

The Diablo blade is designed with a three-point tracking system to help cut through and protect the blade during rough cuts.  While most blades will try to ride over a screw and cause the saw to bounce, the Diablo is designed to stay tight to your work and cut through the screw.  This means not only will you not ruin your blade, but you will make your cutting experience much safer with the Diablo blade.

Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review – Durability

The Diablo Demo Demon blade cuts like a track saw without the track and features table-like precision.  

If you have ever cut through wood and hit a screw or other object, you know how frustrating it can be as your blade is toast.  So how does the Diablo stack up?  When they designed this blade, they designed it to be abused.  The teeth are a made of a dura-blend carbide to help provide a longer life for the blade.  The kerf is laser cut and designed for this type of work.  So Diablo just didn’t take their old blade and put a new name on it.  They actually designed a new blade for this type of work.

Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review

If you have seen reviews or other videos on this blade, you will see that people take lag screws, metal, wood, and shingles and they cut it all with one pass.  For me, this is very impressive because most blades I have seen would only get about a foot in before the blade is toast.  While this is impressive, I did find the blade does have a rougher time with hardened nails.  As you know some of these nails are “Tough as Nails” and it can take a toll on any blade.  I am not trying to take away from the blade because it is impressive but just something to point out.

Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review – Price

Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade ReviewIf you look at The Home Depot website you can see this has a ton of reviews with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5.  That really says a lot about the blade.  While some people have been able to ruin the blade, there are a lot of people who are extremely happy with their purchase.  With a price tag of only $15 and a blade that will last you a long time, how can you complain about the price?

Diablo Tracking Point Saw Blade Review – Final Thoughts

This is one of the longest lasting demolition blades we’ve ever tested.  It eats nails for breakfast.  For a $15 blade that will eat wood and other materials without ruining your tool or blade, well that’s a steal.  Diablo is known for their cutting blades and this saw blade isn’t any different.  Next time you’re at The Home Depot, take a look for yourself.  If you have any experience with the blade, leave a comment below.


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