Milwaukee 12V Surge Review

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review

Call me a fanboy, a brand whore or whatever you want but when it comes to the cordless drill and impact, I think Milwaukee is top.  Sure there is so much more to a power tool line up than those two tools such as batteries, other tools in the lineup and quality, but I have to admit, Milwaukee did it right with their drill and impacts.  Which brings me to today’s review, the Milwaukee 12V Surge Review.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Overview

When it comes to 12V power tool, no one comes close to Milwaukee.  In fact, even the second power tool manufacturer in the 12V line of tools is so far back, Milwaukee has lapped them 3 times in the race for first.

They are the only company that offers specific tools for tradesmen.  Sure others have a couple of tools for the tradesmen ion their 12V lineup but for realy work and variety of tools in the 12V lineup, Milwaukee delivers.

As you know, the impact driver can be extremely loud especially if you are in a small space or a place that echos such as a basement.  The sounds of the hammering mechanism are enough to drive you crazy and kill your hearing long term.

That is where the Surge comes into play.  While you can still hear the impact, it dampens the noise level so you can have a normal conversation while using the tool, you can ear the radio.  The only bad thing about the Surge is now you can even hear your own thoughts.  So let’s take a look at the features to the Milwaukee Surge Impact.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Features

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review

The Milwaukee Surge is designed around a brushless motor that delivers 0-3,000 rpm with a 3,400 BPM with a 450 in-LBS of torque.

The biggest feature is the fact it’s 2X quieter than standard impact.  The reason being is the hydraulic powertrain which is fluid driven.

The impact is ultra-compact with it only being 7.8″ high and 5.2″ long.

The model number of the Impact is 2551-22 which comes with the soft case, charger, two 2Ah batteries, and the Surge Impact Driver.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review

The impact is powered by the Milwaukee 12V battery.  The kit includes a 2Ah CP battery.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review

On top of the tool, you can adjust the speeds between 1-3 with a single push of a button.  There is also a Self Tapping mode to assist the user when fastening screws and prevents walking.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review

On the front of the tool, there is a 1/4″ metal hex chuck.

Over the head of the tool, there is a soft plastic case.

The tool is comfortable.  I know Dan isn’t a huge fan of the grip but I know most people are including myself.  I just love how it contours to your hand.

As with most other impacts, this also has an LED light.  I think a 3 LED light would have been nice but I am sure that would have made the head much bigger and less compact.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review

On the side of the tool, you can see the battery level since it’s not on the batteries.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Performance

When it comes to performance, the Surge doesn’t disappoint.  If you have been following us for a while, you know I am doing a large addition in the back of my house.  I have been using this for the sheath on the outside.  I have been lifting the sheathing up to the soffits so I can trace the cutouts.  This impact has been awesome.  Lightweight and easy to maneuver, plus powerful.  Sorry, I don’t have pictures but it’s hard to hold a sheet of plywood on a ladder, fasten some screws and take pictures at the same time.

While the impact has so many uses, the bottom line for performance is this is powerful, very comfortable and extremely quiet to operate.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Value

The 2551-22 kit is priced at $200 on The Home Depot website.  While it’s a little pricer than other impacts, I think the price is fair considering it’s powerful, comfortable and quiet.  So yes there is a premium on this tool, but worth it and I would easily be a buyer at this price.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Final Thoughts

As I noted earlier, call me what you want but I think Milwaukee has it right with their drills and impact.  The Surge is just another example of why  Milwaukee leads in this category of power tools.  I love the power, I love the fell and I love being able to not have my eardrums broken when I use an impact driver.


  1. Hey Corey, it’s not larger than the M18 Surge, nor does it have 1/9th the power. What are you smoking? I have the M18 Surge. It’s larger than the M12 and has a bit more power, but not by much. The M12 has nice torque and incredible power for the size!

    • Not smoking anything. These were the dimensions and specs from the M18 surge post, compared to what was in this one for the M12 surge. That’s why I asked.


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