Milwaukee 7″ Rafter Square

Milwaukee 7

I have been working on my house for the last year and the one tool myself or another carpenter or tradesmen rely on is their square.  The framing square is a multi-tool that is a must-have.  You can figure out angles, create straight lines for cutting, use it for a cutting guide and so many more uses for this handly little tool.  There are a lot of framing squares to pick from but for me, I want a metal square.  A plastic square works just the same but I like the durability of metal.  Which brings me to the Milwaukee 7″ Rafter Square

Milwaukee 7″ Rafter Square – Information

Milwaukee 7″ Rafter Square – Features

The Milwaukee 7″ Rafter Square not only looks cool with the red and white contrast but it has some very practical and time-saving features.

  • Scribe notches from 1″-6″ for easy lumber ripping
  • 1″ cutout props pipe for easy cutout
  • 3 rare earth magnetics
  • Machined extruded aluiminum
  • Reinforced frame for durability
  • Etched marketing for high visiability
  • 1-1/8″ heel

Milwaukee 7″ Rafter Square – Our Thoughts

As I noted earlier, I have come to rely on my framing square for so many applications.  While this size square isn’t very heavy, I do like the aluminum build as it does lightening up the weight and gives it a nice feel.  Second, I love how easy it is to read the numbers.  My current square is all one color, gray.  Sometimes the all gray is very hard to read.  So the Milwaukee brings a nice contrast.

I also like the magnetics as they are very stron.  I don’t do much in plumbing or electrical but it’s a nice feature to have.  The same goes for the 1″ pipe cutout.  I don’t use that but can see where it could come in extremly handy for an electrician.

Milwaukee 7″ Rafter Square – Wrap Up

I know a square isn’t a sexy tool but it is a must have tool for the trades.  The red and white contrast gives it a nice added feature that not many other squares offer.  Not sure why more companies don’t offer a multi color square.  Overall, I like the square.  I wouldn’t run out and trade up to this square but if I needed a square, this would be my go to option.


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