Makita Cordless Fan Review

Makita Cordless Fan Review

One of the most underrated tools is a portable fan.  A portable fan is great for air movement in small spaces, to keep you cool, great for tailgating, camping, and so many other activities.  When it comes to portable fans, Makita has a great lineup and offers the most features.  So how does the DCF203Z stack up?  Let’s check out the Makita Cordless Fan Review and see what we think.

Makita Cordless Fan Review Introduction

A while back we reviewed the Makita Cordless Fan Model DCF300Z which I would say is the big brother to the DCF203Z.  The DCF300Z is a 13″ fan while the DCF203Z is a 9-1/4″ fan.

Most fans have 3 speeds with a pivot point.  The one thing I like about the Makita is all the features it has compared to competitors.

Makita Cordless Fan Review Features

Makita Cordless Fan Review

The DCF203Z is a 9-1/4″ fan designed to be portable for a wide variety of activities. The fan is made from an ABS plastic that is designed to be tough and be able to take some abuse. The fan will automatically oscillate 45° left and right. You can also tilt the fan 90 degrees up and 45 degrees down.

Makita Cordless Fan Review

One cool feature to this fan is it’s a hybrid meaning it can run of the Makita 18V battery or have unlimed run time through AC plug.

Makita Cordless Fan Review

The control panel is layout nicely and easy to access.  There is a single button for power and another large button for oscillating. A user can select up to three different speeds, high, medium and low.  Another unique feature is the ability to set a timer of 1,2 or 4 hours.

With a 5Ah battery here are the run times you can expect to see

  • High – 6 hours
  • Medium – 9.5 hours
  • Low – 15.5 hours

The battery compared is located on the bottom of the fan making it bottom heavy so it doesn’t tip over easily.  On the backside, you can see the fuel status level of the battery.

Makita Cordless Fan Review

The fan utilizes 3 blades for air movement.

Makita Cordless Fan Review

On top of the fan, there is a large handle making it easy to move and carry around.

Makita Cordless Fan Review

On the bottom of the fan, there are three plastic feet to not only protect the work but the fan sits on but also stop it walking or moving around.

Makita Cordless Fan Review Value

You can pick this fan up on Amazon for about $100.  It’s about $20 more than the competitors but as noted above,m it has more features and I love the air movement with this fan.  So for $20 extra, it’s worth the investment especially if you are already on the Makita line.

Makita Cordless Fan Review Final Thoughts

Overall, I love this fan and think it’s best in class.  I love the air movement plus the hybrid feature, not to mention the oscillating and timer.  If you are looking for a fan that will work for a variety of applications including the job site, the Makita DCF203Z is a great fan to own.



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