Metal Construction – Lunch Break Video


Need a Contractor?  Don’t call this guy.


Let’s not forget about Ray the best roofer period! LOL @ MR Roof!  The hammer spin is epic!


  1. LOL…the metal construction is awesome! and Rays roofing is cool, good to see someone who still does it the old fashioned way and takes pride in his work, the kind of work ethic that made American Made mean something!

  2. Good old Hand nailing. Wish more people would do it. Where we just bought a house there is major construction going on and I have seen first hand the crap work that is getting done by these builders to save money. It’s pitiful to say the least

  3. Wow, that roofing guy is local to me. He has a 313 area code so that means he either lives in Detroit or got a cellphone from a store in Detroit. The suburbs have different area codes like 586, or 248. Still it is cool that a guy hand nails a roof. When my garage roof goes I’m considering re roofing it my self its a simple gable roof so its a pretty simple roofing job for the most part. I would get the Paslode cordless roofing nailer for that job though 🙂


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