Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt SDS Max Rotary Hammer Review

Metabo HPT 36v multivolt sds max rotary hammer review

Metabo HPT is solidifying itself as a leader in cordless tool technology, innovation, and durability.  Already a construction industry leader in pneumatic tools, their new MultiVolt line adds to an already impressive 18v offering.  It all starts with the ability to give the end user the power of a corded tool with the freedom of a cordless one.  Having a state-of-the-art dual voltage battery system, and an AC adapter available is only part of the solution.  You also need to have some impressive tools to utilize that technology.  Let’s take a look at the 36V MultiVolt Brushless 1-9/16″ SDS Max Rotary Hammer, the DH36DMAQ2.  

metabohpt 36v multivolt sds max rotary hammer reviewMetabo HPT 36V MultiVolt SDS Max Rotary Hammer Review – Overview

The 1 9/16” rotary hammer class is a big one, and this is one of the most powerful on the market.  Not only does it offer tons of power cordlessly, but it is the only one that allows you to run on AC power as well.  That’s especially useful for some of the power-hungry tasks such as large hole drilling and chipping.   This hammer drill’s unique features make it a great option for demolition, concrete, plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical trades.  

Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt SDS Max Rotary Hammer Review – Features

The DH36DMAQ2 is an SDS Max rotary hammer with a ton of user-oriented features.  Powered by a brushless motor and delivering 7.7 ft-lbs (10.5 J) of impact energy, it is up to the biggest tasks.metabohpt 36v multivolt sds max rotary hammer review The two modes of operation (hammer drilling and hammer only) offer flexibility for a wide range of applications. 

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It offers 4 speeds of rotation (260rpm – 2860rpm) covering every application, and RFC (reactive force control) to sense tool overload and stop it from rotating.  The LVH (Low Vibration Handle) has a soft grip and a vibration absorbing effect making it extremely comfortable during extended use. 

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Finally, the ability to run on a MultiVolt battery as well as an AC adapter makes this the ultimate tool for every jobsite.  If you have power available, or an application needing long run time, the AC adapter (ET36A) will give you that option.  It has a flexible cord connection point allowing the most comfortable position for the application.  It also has 20’ of total cord length giving you maximum reach and flexibility.  metabohpt 36v multivolt sds max rotary hammer review The MultiVolt batteries also bring the same performance as the AC adapter with the freedom and portability of a cordless tool.  Running off of 21700 lithium-ion cells, the MultiVolt battery provides 4ah’s at 36V when connected to a MultiVolt Tool.  The battery is also backward compatible. It provides 8ah’s at 18V when connected to any of the wide range of 18V tools available. 

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The charger has some great features as well.  It has four different color LED’s that correspond to a different status during charging.  I find this much easier than the flashing LED’s on other chargers.   It comes with a USB connection for charging mobile devices and charges a MultiVolt battery in only 52 minutes. 

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Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt SDS Max Rotary Hammer Review – Performance

The overall performance of this drill has been impressive.  I prefer to run it on battery power for all of my drilling applications, and on AC power for all of my chipping applications.  It has the power to handle a huge range of drilling tasks and the impact energy to remove its “fair share” of material when chipping.  Battery life with the MultiVolt batteries has been above average for the class. I’ve also experienced zero thermal overload issues.  When plugged into AC power via the adapter, I’ve not noticed any loss of power vs battery either.  Overall, it has become the preferred drill on site for concrete drilling and removal.  

Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt SDS Max Rotary Hammer Review – Value

The investment into this platform might seem steep to some.  First of all, the tools are sold as bare tools only.  That being said, they currently come with either a battery starter kit or the AC adapter for free.  Personally, I like this type of introductory offer.  Instead of only offering a cordless or corded option they give the end user the choice of which power source they want.  The offer also works to offset the sticker shock of a bare tool for $749.  For that price, though, you get a premium rotary hammer drill with a premium battery.  A battery, that retails for the fantastic price of $99 as a 4ah-36V or 8ah-18V.   

metabohpt 36v multivolt sds max rotary hammer reviewMetabo HPT 36V MultiVolt SDS Max Rotary Hammer Review – FINAL THOUGHTS 

I was honestly skeptical about this rotary hammer to begin with.   After the first couple of uses, however, all skepticism was gone.  The ability to run off of AC power is a game changer for me and my typical job sites.  I no longer have to worry about progress stopping or being delayed due to dead batteries, and yet I maintain the freedom to run wherever I need to with the cordless option as well.  The MultiVolt batteries are as impressive as the AC adapter with the feature-rich rapid charger, 21700 cell technology, and backward compatibility.  If you’re looking for a premium hammer drill, with premium features, then look no further.  Corded or cordless, this one can do it all.  


  1. Great review Adam. Just like the one you did before. Looks like the kind of tool that screams quality through and through. Still can’t get over the MSRP tho. 😛


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