Metabo ASE18 LTX 18 Volt Reciprocating Saw – Review


I feel experienced enough with Metabo now to know that they are a working man’s tool.  They provide power and comfort for the user and the air cooled charging system means less downtime.  Add the new 4.0 Ah battery and you have longer runtimes which means more productivity.  You wont find any gimmicky features on this saw it is built to be abused and work when needed.  The 7.9lb saw puts out 0-2700 SPM with a 1 1/16th stroke length.

The blade can be inserted normally or rotated 180 degrees.  A lever on the side allows for a tool less blade change.  The shoe is adjustable, however not tool less,  there is a hex wrench that fits into the handle to loosen the screw.  I would like to have seen this tool free as it saves time.  The tool feels solid in your hand and has an over molded rubber grip at the front.  With gloves it is very easy to hold and control.  It absorbed most of the vibration and the overall feel was that of quality.

The power of this saw allows it to plunge cut like you are going through butter.  For heavy duty work this saw really excels.  With a metal blade the saw slices through metal faster than any other cordless reciprocating saw I have used.  It has Metabo’s 3 year warranty and comes in kit and bare tool versions.  Metabo has become one of my tools of choice for most jobs.  The battery packs charge in about 30 minutes and have a fuel status gauge on the pack itself.  The air cooled charging technology is awesome.  You can put a hot battery pack on the charger and it will start cooing it as it charges.  30 minutes or so later you have a fully charged and cool battery ready to work.  If your tools pay your salary, you can trust Metabo!



  1. i really like how you guys are starting to review more of the big boys! keep em coming! hilti, festool, metabo… love it!

  2. To be honest I have never heard of Metabo or have every seen one on a job site but it sounds like a pretty nice tool. Where do you even buy this brand besides the internet?


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