BOLT Locks – Automotive One-Key Lock Technology


Are you constantly forgetting or misplacing your hitch keys? Then BOLT Locks breakthrough one-key technology for automotives might be for you. BOLT Locks allow you to use your vehicle’s ignition key to secure your hitch. So, as long as you have keys to your towing vehicle then you have keys to your hitch. Best of all, you key the lock yourself with BOLT Locks’ innovative keying process that takes less than a minute.

This idea sounds too good to be true. So, of course I bought a few BOLT Locks for my different vehicles to test so you don’t have to. I’ll walk you through the process of keying your lock along with my thoughts on the quality. So buckle up if you want to find out more.


About BOLT Locks

BOLT Locks is owned by STRATTEC Security Corporation, which is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. As one of the largest producers of automotive locks and keys you can find STRATTEC products throughout North America, and ships products to Europe, South America, Korea and China.

STRATTEC Security is originally a division of Briggs & Stratton, which dates back to over 100 years ago. They have been providing high-quality automotive security options almost as long as automobiles have been around.

Types of BOLT Locks & Quality

BOLT Locks offers 15 different types of locks, including padlocks, cable locks, receiver locks, spare tire locks, and more. You can view their full variety of BOLT Locks online.

BOLT makes their locks to work with Chevy, Ram, Jeep, Ford, Toyota, and Nissan vehicles. To find a lock that works with your go to the “Find Your Lock” page on the BOLT website.

As far as the quality goes, I was honestly expecting to be disappointed. These are heavy-duty locks made out of high-quality materials. They are even packaged nicely to prevent damage. They locks have a rubber over-mold. The receiver and cable locks also have a protective cap. As someone who lives in the Chicago area, this is great for protecting stuck, frozen locks in subzero temperatures.

How to Key Your BOLT Lock

As I mentioned, keying your BOLT Lock is almost too easy. The process is explained in the BOLT Locks video above, but I can also simplify the process for you in a few easy steps

  1. Remove your BOLT Lock from the package and insert your vehicle’s ignition key into the lock.
  2. Turn the key to the right until the key stops.
  3. Turn your key left back to its original position.

That’s it! The spring-loaded plate tumblers memorize your key’s patterns on the first use. Now your vehicle’s key is keyed specifically to your BOLT Lock for simple one-key security.

Where to Buy BOLT Locks

Again, BOLT Locks are widely available throughout the world. As for the U.S. BOLT Locks are readily available at auto parts stores, and available at most O’Reilly’s Auto Parts stores.

Have you tried BOLT Locks one-key technology? If so, let us know about your experience in the comments. If not, let us know if you would give it a try.



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