Gorilla-Lift Trailer Tail Gate Assist

We love our PJ trailer and when we ordered it, we added the split heavy duty gate option.  Little did we know how heavy the gates were, they even come from PJ with springs to alleviate some of the weight.  I went searching for the available gate lift assist options online and one stood out “Gorilla-Lift”.  Why did it stand out you ask?  Well because it is the cleanest installation I have seen and does not have gaudy and dangerous springs hanging out.  The unit uses 2 heavy duty springs that are nicely  protected in 2 yellow powder coated tubes, one on either side.

The install was straight forward and easy to install.  Basically the unit comes with 4 square tubes and you align them 2 on each side.  You then install the spring and rollers and finally the tailgate connection.  It is crucial to read the instructions on this step so you have the right balance and the gate goes up with minimal effort.  As you can see in the video, Eric and Tom both were impressed at the ease of use of the Gorilla-Lift.

The gorilla lift really is a must have if you have heavy gates, which almost every trailer does.  For landscapers and people who are constantly using the their trailer gate day in and out the Gorilla-Lift is for you.  The enclosed spring is safer than other trailer lift assist we have seen.  The Gorilla-Lift also prevents the gate from smashing down.  Imagine  you were on the moon with your trailer and you lifted the gate in zero gravity.  That’s the Gorilla-Lift.  Check out www.gorilla-lift.com




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