DeWALT Tough System Cases with L-Cart Carrier – The Ultimate Storage System


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Before I get into the Tough System, everyone keeps asking to compare them to the Bosch L-Boxx.  They are 2 completely different storage systems. You can throw a loaded Tough Case into the back of a truck in the rain and not worry about it.  Tough Cases are built to withstand job site abuse and keep out the elements that can damage your tools.  L-boxxes are more for organizational purposes and not so much designed to be left out in the rain and thrown around.  L-boxxes are comparable to the TSTAK box from DeWALT which we will review soon.  If you are on a job site everyday rain or shine and need maximum protection, the Tough System has your written name all over it.  The IP65 rating will keep the box dry even if left out in a storm.  The Tough System has a lifetime warranty.


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Thick rubber seal keeps moisture, dirt and dust out.

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The DeWALT Tough System is the best I have seen. The boxes are made from a durable tough 4mm structural foam.  They are the Pelican case of the tool world at a fraction of the price.  Each box is a different size, but they all have the same features like durable rust free metal latches, a thick rubber seal and even an air release valve to release the pressure, because they seal so tight.  The boxes all stack onto each other easily thanks to 4 guides on the four corners.  2 yellow latches, one on either side lock the boxes together.



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DeWALT DWST08210 Tough System L-Cart Carrier – Specifically designed to fit the Tough Boxes.

It is wide, stable and can be configured in many ways depending on the job at hand. The boxes simply slide in and you release the spring loaded handles and it is locked. There is also latch on the back that rotates to centrally lock all the boxes on the cart. You can also lock this latch with a padlock to keep all the boxes locked to the cart. This makes it so no boxes below the top box can be opened. The boxes can be individually locked with full-sized padlocks. The bottom plate of the cart folds for easy storage and it holds a total of 250lbs. This is great for once you are on site and need to move material.



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DeWALT DWST08201 Tough System CaseSmall

The small box is great for organizing bits and screws.  It has a tray system that can be custom configured in many ways.  Best of all when you close the lid your contents stays in the bin you put it in.  Once the box is open you can pull down a compartment from the lid that reveals 2 more storage compartment with lids.  To carry the box around it has 4 handles, 2 spring loaded on the aides and one on the front and the top.



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DeWALT DWST08203 Tough System Case – Large

This is actually the middle sized box in the line up.  It is good for holding power tools like drills and multi tools.  The top tray gives you more area for your hand tools and chargers.  I keep a drill, impact driver, 2 batteries and a charger in this case.  On the top tray I have some bit kits and a hammer.  I also am thinking about using one of these boxes for our PJ trailer project.  It would make a good tool box to hold tie downs and straps.  The best thing is it will keep the moisture out and they won’t rust.



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DeWALT DWST08204 Tough System Case – Extra Large

The biggest of the cases is deep for big tools like circular saws or even entire kits.  Like the large box it has a top tray to hold things like chargers and  miscellaneous hand tools.  Another cool feature of this box is that it has tool slots on the back wall to hold tools like screwdrivers, files and pliers.  It has a rubber textured feel to it that helps grip the tools so they don’t bounce around during transport.



Compared with the DeWALT T Stak
Compared with the DeWALT TSTAK

A lot of people are going to buy these for more than just a tool case.  They are an affordable equipment case for just about anyone who needs their items protected and transported safely.  I am going to start building my collection of these boxes to store most of my tools and even some of our camera equipment for Tools In Action.  Check out our article where we took the Tough Case skiing.  Overall I love these boxes, everything about them is top notch and well thought out.  Buy one, you will be impressed.



The DeWALT Tough Case won best storage system of 2011 in our annual tool awards.

Check out and don’t forget to visit the Dewalt Owners Group.




  1. I look forward to your review of the TSTAK boxes as well!! This is helpful… I am torn because I do not have enough tools nor $$ to buy a mini-system of l-boxxes and tough cases and systainers etc etc etc… so I feel like I need to commit to one of the systems and stick with it… Do you know if there are plans for foam inserts?

  2. Yes, DeWALT does have foam inserts for the ToughSystem. I’m just not sure if they are available yet in the US. It’s designed for the DS150/DWST08201, but you can stack them on top for use in one of the bigger boxes.

    This is what it looks like:

  3. can the tough cases stack with say, the dewalt tstaks or tough cases or deep pro organizer or festool sustainers or l-boxxes?? are any of those interlockable?

  4. foam is pretty easy to cut for these box’s. I did it for the large box to organize things in it a little better.

    I think its the best system on the market. the Lboxx really does not compare at all.

  5. This system looks amazing. I do a lot of basement remodels and this system looks like it could handle a flight of stairs without a problem. My life wont be complete until I have these!

  6. does the waterproofing work such that it gets damp on the inside of the box? i know that can be a problem with some safes… id hate to store my tools in it only to have the box destroy my tools instead 🙁

  7. Hi @all

    I got all the Tough Boxes and some TStak Boxes for all my DeWalt Tools (complete XR Series and a lot more) and i must say this are the best toolboxes i ever buy!

    Best Regards from Germany

  8. In uk they have a 2 drawer unit with some small container , looks good . Tough system is the best tool box i have , use them for my 24 and 20 volt dewalt tool . Waiting for the tstack for my 12v tools . Love your site! from Montréal


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