Makita Cordless Vacuum Review

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review

Makita has one of the largest lines out of any power tool manufacturer.  They are also doing something that no other manufacturer is doing, creating a line of a single battery.  While other manufacturers want you to buy a 12V tool, an 18V tool, and a 36V tool, Makita is working to create a single line.  They have a subcompact that rivals any 12V for size and they have a 36V that rivals any 36V power and best of all, they all run off their 18V battery platform.  So speaking of a large platform, let’s jump into the Makita Cordless Vacuum Review.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review Overview

Most manufacturers make some type of portable cordless vacuum.  The need to clean up after the job is done and present a clean worksite is a must, plus let’s not forget being able to clean up your vehicles. So there is definitely a need for this type of tool.

While you think it would be easy to create a portable vacuum, it’s definitely not.  A portable vacuum needs to be small but powerful. A vacuum needs to have ample run time and also be quiet.  It has to have plenty of suction but must protect the air it’s returning and the list goes on.  So when you think of a vacuum, think about all the stuff that needs to be perfect in order to create a top performing vacuum.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review Features

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review

The XCV11Z uses a brushless motor and delivers 57 CFM with a 27″ water lift.  The unit as a whole weighs in at 10.1 lbs.

You can power this vacuum with any of the Makita 18V star batteries. A 5Ah battery will give this about a 60 minute run time.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review

On the front of the vacuum, there is not only a battery status gauge but you can power up the unit to two different modes.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review

Makita designed this with decent hose management.  You can easily access and store the hose on the side of the vacuum.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review

Makita uses a flexible hose.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review

One huge feature is the hose locks into the vacuum so if you pull on the hose, it will not pull out of the vacuum hose.

To access the 2-gallon waste bin, there are two latches on each side of the vacuum.

Another great feature is the onboard accessories.  You can easily access the crevice and floor tool.

The vacuum has a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles .3 microns and larger.  Pretty awesome.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review Performance

I talked to one of my buddies who owns this vacuum and his one complaint was the lack of power. I did also see a complaint on Amazon about power.  This is where I am a little lost.  For me, I love the power and think it has plenty of power for the size.  I am not sure if they are comparing it to a full-size dust extractor or what.  As noted earlier, I have a couple of box vacuums and this is right in line with the power of the other vacuums, so I am not seeing a power problem.

As far as dust, yes it easily picks up dust, sawdust and more.  With the HEPA filter, I can not see anything coming out of the backport.

Sawdust is lightweight and easy to pick up so we tried some stuff that was a little heavier such as washers, screws, and nails, things you would find laying around.  Again, it sucked them up without any issues.  Now it’s not going to suck up bricks, but that is not what it is designed to do.  This is a vacuum for the job site to clean up when you are done, to clean up your vehicle and more.

Two of my favorite features are how easy it is to access the accessories.  I don’t have to open up a compartment to access the accessories, which is huge.

The other feature I love is the battery status gauge.  Again, I don’t have to open a compartment to check the status or mess around.

Some people might be a little disappointed it doesn’t come with a strap but I have always used a handle so this is great for my needs.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review Value

You can pick this vacuum up for about $170 on Amazon.  In regards to price, it’s a fair price.  If you own the Makita line, this is a nice pick-up.  However, if you are not part of the family, you will need to invest in a battery and charger so not sure if that is worth the cost.

Makita Cordless Vacuum Review Final Thoughts

I have a couple of vacuums like this box vacuum and they are always my go-to vacuums.  They are easy to carry around and powerful and have decent run time.  The Makita is no different.  I like the power, I love the HEPA filter and I love the onboard accessories and how easy they are to access compared to other vacuums like this. Overall, this is a great vacuum.


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