Husky Stubby Ratchet

Husky Stubby Ratchet

If you have visited any Home Depot tool aisle, then you are familiar with the Husky brand.  Husky is a brand only found and sold at The Home Depot, especially for hand tools.  The way I see Husky as a company, (not sure if they will agree with me), but I see them as a homeowner/professional brand.  They have features and the quality of some upper professional brands, but with a much lower price tag. I am not saying that all professionals jump at Husky, but if you need a quality tool, it’s suitable for the professional.  Which brings me to the Husky Stubby Ratchet.

Husky Stubby Ratchet – Information

  • Name – Husky 3/8 in. Drive 100-Position Stubby Ratchet
  • Model – H10038SRAT
  • Price – $19.97
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot
  • Husky ReviewHusky Reviews

Husky Stubby Ratchet – Features

When you need to get into tight spots, a low profile and stubby ratchet can make all the difference.  The Husky has some cool features for the user:

  • 100-position ratchet
  • 5.5″ overall length
  • 3.6° arc swing
  • Quick release drive
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards
  • Lifetime Warranty

Husky Stubby Ratchet – First Impressions

When you first pick it up, you can feel the weight of the ratchet, which makes me think quality.  The ratchet is 7.8 oz and solid metal.  When using with a socket, the ratcheting feels like a much more expensive tool, very smooth and not too much play.

I love how the push button release is recessed into the tool.  Even the lock release has a high quality feel when you push down.

Now I know there isn’t a ton to talk about on a ratchet and I am not here to sell you one way or the other, these are just my thoughts of this ratchet as I have used a ton over the years.

For the price, how good the tool feels and the smoothness of the ratchet, it’s really a no brainer to pick up and put in your tool arsenal.

Husky Stubby Ratchet – Wrap it Up

Overall I am a fan of the Husky hand tool line up.  The stubby ratchet is a nice addition to their large line of ratchets, sockets and more.  If you are looking for a quality ratchet that will allow you to get into tight spots, this is one worth looking at.

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