Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review

When it comes to power tools, Hilti is a premium company that is known for its quality.  While they have a ton more to offer, the quality is what most people will first talk about.  They have built not only a brand but they are one of the few companies that provide solutions to the end user.  Most companies only sell you the tool.  Hilti has so much more to help with the job site such as fasteners, adhesives and more.  So when you think of Hilti, don’t just think of the tool.  Think of the solution and the company behind the tool.  So let’s jump into the Hilti 12V reciprocating saw review.

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review Overview

So here is the deal.  I have a love-hate for the Hilti 12V tools.  For me, I think they are some of the best 12V tools on the market.  I love the size of the tools, the power and especially the quality.  However, the one thing that stops me from saying they are the best, is their limited line of 12V tools.  For me, I want to invest in a line where I can expand my tools.

With that said, the Hilti 12V tools are probably my most used 12V tools primarily because of the quality and I just like them.  So when I found out they have a 12V reciprocating saw, I had to jump at this and try it out.

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review Features

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review

The Hilti SR 2-A12 is a cordless solution for those times you need to get into tight spaces, you need power and you don’t want to mess with a power cord.

The reciprocating saw is powered by a 12V Hilti battery.  I have to admit, I love the pancake style battery as opposed to the torpedo battery that fits into the tool handle.

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review

The tool uses a brushless motor and features a built-in LED light. While you can use this for a variety of applications, it’s best suited for metal pipes, plastic pipes, isolation materials and also sandwich materials.

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review

The handle has a rubber overmold and is a decent size for either smaller or larger hands, even with gloves on.

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review

The tool doesn’t have an adjustable shoe which isn’t a big deal but something to be noted.

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review

One feature I love about this tool is the blade locking mechanism.  While it doesn’t have a blade eject system, the lock is what you see on top tier saws. Once locked into place, it will stay in place, even under heavy use.

The stroke length is 5/8″ and has a 0-2,900 strokes per minute.

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review Performance

We cut through a ton of material that ranged from wood to PVC to metal and plaster.  Overall, it works great.  While it is a little slow, we have to remember it’s a 12V and compact so it does have its place.  I think for a 12V tool, it performs like a champ.

The overall feel and balance are perfect for working above, horizontal and downward applications.

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review Value

Hilti tends to be a little pricey on the surface.  But when you take a look at what you get, they are actually less expensive than the competition.  You get a whole sales channel that backs their products that you can’t get with any other power tool manufacturer.  You get a professional tool that is built to last in the harshest conditions and that is just a fraction of what you get with Hilti.

This kit can be picked up for about $239 with a battery, charger, and bag.  With all things considered, I think it’s more than a fair price especially if you are looking for a saw to get into tight spaces and one that will last.

Hilti 12V Reciprocating Saw Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, while I wish they had more tools in their 12V lineup, I love the tools they have.  This 12V reciprocating saw is powerful, small and built like a champ ready to take on any fight.  So if you need a workhorse reciprocating saw, I would jump at this one and try it out.


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