Makita 36V Circular Saw Review

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review

When it comes to cordless circular saws, every power tool manufacturers has a decent option to pick from. However, there are a couple of companies in the market who have multiple options of circular saws. Makita is one of those manufacturers that has a circular saw for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you like a top handle, rear handle, compact or full size, Makita offers a wide variety of circular saws. So let’s take a look at this top handle beast and jump into the Makita 36V Circular Saw Review.

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review Overview

If you are like me, you might be wondering why Makita is offering another 36V circular saw. After all, didn’t they just release a rear handle 36V saw last year? Well here is the thing. Not everyone loves a rear handle saw, which is news to me.

See I grew up on Wormdrives, and I love the rear handle circular saw. When cordless saws first came out, they were all top handle saws so I had to adapt. When Makita introduced the rear handle saw, I was in heaven and fell in love with the saw. So if you love rear handle saws, don’t worry the saw is still going strong. However, if you love everything about the rear handle saw expect the handle, this saw is for you.

The XSH06 mimics the XSR01Z, well except for the handle placement. OK, they do have different stats, but in regards to raw power and a saw made to run all day by a carpenter, they are both designed for the professional in mind.

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review Features

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review Overview

The Makita, model number XSH06, is built around a brushless motor that drives a 7-1/4″ blade 6,000 rpm’s which is all very impressive. The tool features Automatic Speed change which adjusts speed and torque during a cut.

The saw has a capacity to cut up to 2-5/8″ thick material at a 90°. An electric brake is built in the tool for added safety.

The saw is powered by 2 – 18V Makita batteries. For our work, we used the Makita 18V 5Ah batteries. The tool will not run off a single battery. Also if one battery is full and the other battery dies, you will still have to replace the dead battery.

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review Overview

The saw is designed with a top handle design which does provide good control and balance when making long cuts. The handle has an overmold rubber grip with a safety feature which you can access with your thumb.

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review Overview

If debris is an issue, you can hook this up to a dust management system.

The saw features a die-cast magnesium base for durability and weight control. The saw has a bevel capacity of 0°- 56° with positive stops at 22.5°, 45°, and 56°.

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review Performance

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review Overview

The saw performs like a corded saw. I have been using this to cut backing, 2×4’s, 2×12’s and more. I love how the saw handles for a top handle saw. The saw is smooth and easy to control while making cuts.

The saw is about 10 lbs with batteries but it doesn’t feel bad, or like a tool you are fighting to control. I do like the dust blower as it does a great job keeping the cutline visible.

Overall it’s hard to knock this saw. It’s powerful and has great runtime.

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review Value

You can pick this saw up for about $350 at The Home Depot. Comparing it to other saws on the market that are in the same professional category, this saw is a great value. Not only does the saw come with batteries, but it comes with 4 – 5Ah batteries, which means no downtime.

Makita 36V Circular Saw Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, this is a great saw. This has plenty of power and runtime for any job site.  While I still prefer the Makita rear handle saw, that is a matter of preference. Those preferring a top handle saw can stop their search for a circular saw, as they will love this. Makita’s 36V platform is impressive too. The idea that you get more power but don’t have to change battery platforms is a huge plus. Makita designs tools for the professional and their lineup is nothing short of impressive. This is another tool to add to your list of considerations if you’re in the market for a professional grade circular saw.


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