MagSwitch Magnets – A Metal Fabricators Dream


Now it all makes sense, Magneto was using MagSwitch magnets to rule the world…  Ok, in all seriousness, what is cooler than magnets??  Magnets that you can turn on and off.  Think back to the James Bond days.  Electromagnets were used to pick up unsuspecting cars and at the flip of a switch drop them into compactors.  The MagSwitch however is not a Elctromagnet, it is 2 magnets that when aligned cancel each other out.  Magnets are fun and cool, but you have to use them carefully.  They can pinch and damage electronic devices especially hard drives.

There are untold amounts of applications that you can use a MagSwitch for, but today we are going to talk about metal fabricating applications.  Obviously a few advantages of having a magnet that can be switched on or off is you can precisely place the magnet anywhere and lock it into place with the twist of a switch.  Another advantage is that metal shavings simply fall off when you turn it off.  MagSwitch products are made with top quality materials to last a lifetime.

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When you’re welding, you want a clamp that can quickly lock all the pieces in place so you can tack your work.  The Magswitch Square achieves this and has a break away force of up to 550 lbs on flat 1/4 steel.  You can create positively locked 90 degree angles in seconds.  3 of the sides grip and there is also mounting points on all sides to mount accessories, jigs and tools.

Angles are not an issue with the Pivot Angle 200 and it works on flat or pipe material.  Simply  loosen the lever and you can adjust the angle anywhere from 22 to 270 degrees.  There is a magnet at each end that is rated at 200 lbs hold force.  The lever locks tight with ease.  This tool is great for field work where you need various angles.

The MultiAngle 400 magvise is a mini modern marvel and a time saver for most any fabricating application.  It has standard  45/135, 60/120, 75,105 and 90 degree angles.   For the 90 degree angle it gives you a nice big area to work in and tack.  You can also lock the magvise on a metal surface and use it hold your work while you grind or cut.

Got some hot work that you need to move?  Check out the Magnetic Hand Lifter 60-M.  It works on both flat and pipes. The handle can be locked into 90 degree position for just lifting or swivel for sheet dragging.  It holds up to the 60 lbs.

For repetitive lifting up to 60 lbs, the Magnetic Hand Lifter 60 is powered by a 4V lithium ion battery that runs a motor, that turns the switch for you.  You just place it on your work and hit the button, that’s it.  The unit comes with 2 batteries and a charger.

After any application when you turn off the magnet all the shavings fall off.  So it is always ready to work.  This is only a small percentage of the products that MagSwitch has.  They have a MagSwitch ground clamp that is awesome and tons of other stuff!  The overall quality of the MagSwitch products is top notch.  If you want to make your fabricating life easier take a look at MagSwitch.



  1. Great article and video guys. Keep up the good work. I like the mag where you push the button and just drop the metal, lots of uses.


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