How To Seal A Concrete Patio – Simple Weekend Project



Spring came early this year so here is a simple project if you have a stamped concrete patio.  You need to seal your patio to preserve the color and protect it from water damage every 2-3 years.  Think of it like waxing a car, well sorta!

  1. Thoroughly wash your patio with a pressure washer and a broom.  You want it as clean as possible to avoid sealing in dirt.  Some people also use dish soap.  Remove all stains, let it dry for 24 hours.
  2. Get a roller, a pan and a brush for the detail work, for big areas you can also use a sprayer.  Pour some sealer on the patio and roll it thoroughly across the patio.  After the first coat is no longer tacky you can start the second coat.  That’s it!  Give it a few days and rinse it off with water.

Sealer comes in different varieties like gloss, tinted etc..  You can also add some anti skid material to the sealer for better traction.  As you can see in our pics we did not seal the brush finished part of the patio.  It does not retain water, plus I like the natural broom finish concrete look.


  1. SIMPLE WEEK END PROJECT…sure glad I’m not married the HONEY DO LIST would be endless.

    Dan & Eric you know as well as I do that SIMPLE AIN’T ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE!


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