Madison Electric & Southwire – Power Pull-it & Stingray

Madison Electric

Over the last couple of years, I have been remodeling my house.  I did a complete gut job to the inside and added an addition to the back.  While I learned a lot, there are two things that stand out to me.  Having the right tools, and having reliable tools are musts.  These two things just make the job easier and let’s face it, this also makes life easier.

The other day I was looking around our shop and noticed some electrical products.  As I was looking at them, it made me think of having the right tool and having a reliable tool.  Well, the same can be applied to accessories that help us get the job done so I thought why not do a three-part series and introduce you to some cool and innovative products from Madison Electric.

If you are not familiar with Madison Electric, they have a history of making quality and innovative products since 1929.  If you don’t know much about them, I would suggest heading over to their website and learning more about them as they are not your typical company.  They have a great story behind them, and how they bring innovation to the market is unique.  In fact, their story is so compelling, it caught the eye of Southwire and Southwire ended up buying them because Southwire also has a unique story.

In the end, these two companies are a perfect fit because they believe in solving problems, creating products that help the end-user, and creating unique companies.

So let’s jump into our first two products, the Power Pull-it and the Stingray.

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Power Pull-it

Use your cordless drill to pull wire.  Attach the pull line to your drill and it’s that easy.  No more having to fight or deal with any of the hassles of pulling wire.

  • Precision Bearing Assembly
  • Requires No Anchors
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Aluminum Handle
  • Easy Adjustable Thumb Screw


  • Name – Stingray
  • Price – $14.17
  • Where to BuyAmazon
  • Learn MoreStingray

No more snagging cables on drop ceiling grids.  The Stingray attaches in a corner of the drop ceiling grid and protects the expensive and sensitive cable from snagging or getting ruined.

  • Protect Cables
  • Protects Ceiling
  • Easy Use
  • Lightweight


As with any product.  If it can solve a problem, make my life easier, and not empty my wallet, I am sold.  Both the Power Pull-it and the Stingray are quality products that help installers and make their job easier and more efficient.

Wrap Up

Bottom line, Madison Electric and Southwire teamed up to make an incredible story where they can create practical, useful, and better products for the end-user.  While we only touched on two items in this article, they offer a lot more. We will take a look at four other products in our next two articles.  You can check out their full line of products in their online catalog and also check out their Featured Innovations.


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