Madison Electric and Southwire Giveaway


Southwire is having a giveaway where users can win different electrical items.  Entering is easy.  Just head over to Southwire giveaway for your chance to win.

Southwire Giveaway



  1. hey guys! my name is Sara and my man is a self-employed electrician. I’ve really tried to educate myself in a completely foreign realm so that I can help him get the tools he needs to make his job go smoother and get products that are quality, will stand up to the abuse, and are worth the money because of the above. I gotta say guys, you’ve been a godsend with your down to earth way of doing and explaining that helps me understand and also has made me think you guys are genuine and don’t endorse anything you don’t believe in yourselves, and ìm grateful for that quality in anyone, especially someone claiming expertise or educated opinions for dummies like me. just watched your video on southwire and I’m reallý glad to know what a good company they are, it’s really important to me to know that my money is going to a company I can be proud to use . and hey, gummy bears look great on you bud. Albanese. that’s another company I can endorse. lol. the best. thanks, y’all from Springfield,MO Sara and Chris Kays


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