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Madison Electric

Our last article covered two unique products that help the electrician with pulling wire, the Power Pull-it and the Stingray.  Today we are going over two more products from Madison Electric (Southwire), the Clip-it and Smart Shield.  Both of these products help organize and protect wires.


If you read our previous article, you know and understand why I am a huge fan of Madison Electric and Southwire.  I love the innovation, dedication, and how these companies are run. These next two products are simple products but extremely innovative and practical. So let’s jump in and go over the Clip-it and Smart Shield.

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Clip It

No more mess and easy to install to keep your wire organized.

  • Sturdy Polycarbonate
  • Fits MC/AC cable 12/2 thru 10/3
  • Easy to clip
  • Use a Piggy Back Clip (MBD214-1) to add more cable

Smart Shield

The Smart Shield protects wire and cable in wood framing. The unique cylindrical shape protects from both sides of the stud.

  • Easy Install
  • Can be installed before or after cable is placed
  • Won’t bend when installing like a flat plate


Both the Clip-it and Smart Shield are great products to use for your installs.  While the Clip-it is great for organizing wires and useful, I wish had known about the Smart Shield when I was working on my house.  I can’t tell you how much nail plates are a pain.  You have to install one on each side of the 2×4 and sometimes I couldn’t get to the other side of the 2×4. Even when I knew there might be a chance I would need to run a fastener there and might hit the wires.

Plus with nail plates, you can no longer screw into that area.  Yes, that is the point.  But with the Smart Shield, there is still a little wood to grab into since the guard is on the inside of the wood.  When I was installing my kitchen cabinets, I hit a couple of nail plates and had to move the screw.  With the Smart Shield, it wouldn’t have been an issue and the wires would have been protected.

Wrap Up

As with the other products we have used from Madison Electric, the Clip-it and Smart Shield are useful and innovative products.  Both items are reliable and easy to use, plus they give an advantage over the traditional products on the market such as nail plates.

You can check out more from Madison Electric in the video below or take a look at their catalog for their large selection of products.


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