LoggerHead Tools vs Sears – What do you think?


The mainstream media, especially ABC news is full of hot air.  They tell you what they want you to hear.  However sometimes they come out with a good story like this one.  What do you guys think?  Did sears rip off loggerhead tools?


  1. I have been really disappointed with Craftsman lately, they have been moving more and more of there manufacturing to china, I probably wouldn’t have an issue with it other than the US Jobs going away, but they are not the same tool, they have been cheapened.

    Booo bring back made in USA!

  2. Sears is total rip off, nothing new there. They are a Chinese backed company that is just hanging on to stay in business. Won’t bother me a bit when they go.

  3. I saw this months ago & it ticked me off. It looks like the identical tool to me. This past holiday season I was at Sears & saw both tools on the shelf. Well, I bought two of the American made tool & took the Sears knockoff of the shelf & placed it on the lower shelf. The worst part is that Sears thinks they did nothing wrong. I’m just glad that they decided to continue stocking the logger head in its stores instead of removing them & keeping their piece of crap Chinese made ripoff. Dang! This still ticks me off! Support our workers & buy a few of these tools. Laters TIA

  4. It would be one thing if the production of the Craftsman counterpart was made in the U.S., but since it’s not, I think the case is even worse. Clearly, the wrench is a knockoff of he the Bionic Wrench, and it’s an insult to American workers. The simple fix is supply and demand. If consumers don’t buy the Craftsman product, the Bionic Wrench will win the real battle, one of opportunity, ingenuity, and jobs

  5. I remember playing in my dads tool chest, it was craftsman everything. It used to be a pride thing to have craftsman tools. I have a few screwdrivers and a couple boxes but in my mind they became a very cheap and cheesy brand. I hope Mr. Brown wins the fight for the home team and for the the people he was forced to lay off. USA USA!

  6. I’ve not used either tool, so I can’t say one is better than the other. I am impressed with how it grips the fastener, which is why it beats the socks off of a static socket, which either solidly latches on to it or spins. I like the hand grips on the Sears-branded product, as it looks more comfortable to use. I don’t like that it’s made in China, but that’s not surprising, given where most of Sears’ Craftsman tools are now made. Loggerhead could try lowering its’ price to undercut Sears. It’s better to lower the price a few dollars to increase sales, rather than leave it at the higher price and watch sales gradually fall off.

    The company founder told us the familiar story of how Sears suckers in naive companies like this one to gradually sell their entire output to Sears. Sears would buy more and more of the product and extract agreements to sell the product ONLY to Sears. Apparently a similar arrangement was entered into by the company agreeing not to sell to anyone else (like HD, Lowes, Menards, etc.). At that point, Sears would start dictating how many units would be purchased and for what price. Sears pressured them to find ways to lower the production cost (good for Sears and, supposedly, the customer). Then, after all the other distribution outlets were eliminated, they would threaten to drop the product if the manufacturer didn’t meet their demands. With all other points of sale eliminated by these predatory agreements, it was toe the mark or go under. This is not a Sears-only tactic, however; Walmart and other mass-merchandisers are guilty of this practice, too.

    They may (or may not) prevail on whether it’s a rip-off of LoggerHead’s original tool design. They will have trouble proving that in court, from the sound of it. There’s little doubt, though, that they were induced into a predatory price and sales arrangement, which the courts may be willing to overturn for monetary damages (and fines to be determined by the Fair Trade Commission, or FTC). I’m sure this company has good legal representation, but to beat Sears, they need GREAT legal representation, which they can’t afford. This may take years to resolve, and the company could go under before this ever goes to court. Sears will seek continuances to drag this out to make sure that happens, hoping to eventually force a meager, out-of-court settlement.

    This all began bout two years ago, though; where are they on the court calendar at present?

  7. When people don’t learn economics (or anything else for that matter) in the government halls of indoctrination and when they don’t care about slavery, this is what happens, over and over and over again.

  8. I don’t know all the facts but from what the video shows they copied his design and then they took the jobs to China. Complete bs. The company’s that take jobs to China should be taxed hard to force them to stay and the economy in the usa.


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