Kolpin PowerPod Pro – Kawasaki Mule 610 Project


When we started the Mule project we had a lot of accessories planned which left a concern, where to put all the switches?  I searched the net for switches and did not find anything until I came across the Kolpin PowerPod Pro.  My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree I could not believe such a product existed, it was the answer to all my power issues. Basically it is a brain box that controls all your UTV/ATV accessories from one weatherproof control pod.  It included everything to mount it and a handle bar toggle switch, which I might add is a very quality switch encased in a rubber boot to protect it from the elements.

The Pro version has the ability to power up to 5 devices. Switch 1-3 controls all the lights on the Mule while switch 4 and 5 controls up to 50 amps and allows use of the toggle switch for winches, dumps, dirt works etc.  I really like this feature as it allows you to only have one toggle switch to control 2 devices.  Included in the kit is brackets to hold all the connectors in place.  I cannot tell you how easy this unit was to install basically hook up power, ignition and ground, the toggle and your set to go.  The wires are plenty long for any application.

I put the control box under the hood of the Mule 610 as to keep it tucked away from the elements.  I have included a video of some of the install, it was a lot easier than it looked.  I only had one issue where the Ignition wire would not power up the pod so I had to go straight to the battery, not a big deal but noteworthy.  The PowerPod made everything clean and simple and really gives an OEM look to the Mule.  Kolpin has really won me over with all their innovative products and the quality is unmatched.  Check out Kolpinpowersports.com



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