Use Google Earth Pro to Quote a Job


Time is money and with todays gas prices going out to quote a job can cost even more.  How can Google Earth help you?  Well there are a few ways:

First is with street View,  it can show you exactly what the property looks like and if there are any issues you may encounter.  Lets say your a sign company quoting a sign you can call the client and quote the sign while looking at a recent view of the property.  Its a great tool to show you what your dealing with.

The Second is you can calculate area right from Google Earth Pro with the distance measurement tool, this is great for seal coat firms, landscapers, plow companies.  You can look at the property and draw your lines to calculate the exact area of the job to be done.  Then you can print out the map and included it in your proposal.

And if you really want to get advanced you can use Google Sketchup to design an addition or extend a driveway to show the client the desired result.

The possibilities are endless!

Google Earth


  1. This is an informative post. I never knew you could do this. I have a snow plow company that this would be great on. Instead of going out to the jobs to place a bid, i can figure it all out right from my home while i sit in my undies. With gas prices the way they are and such strong competition in the business, this can really help me. I get calls from othee town. Now i dont have to drive far to see if i even want to bid the job. Guess i have to get with the times and learn this internet thing. Thanks for saving me cash. Not sure where you guys live, but if you in North Dakota I’ll give you guys a free plow this winter, salt is extra lol. Thanks

  2. Thanks Tony! We are in Chicago , I actually saw a plow guy use Google Earth to measure out a property which gave me the idea! Let us know how it works out for you!


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