General Tools & Instruments MMD4E Moisture Meter – Review


Moisture meters are a handy little tool, especially after a flooded basement that your rebuilding.  You can use a moisture meter to detect moisture in building materials and wood to see if there is an underlying moisture problem or leak.  We got a hold of the General Tools & Instruments MMD4E. and I must say it is a quality tool.  The MMD4E is a pin type meter meaning that it has 2 sharp prongs that both have to be in contact with the material for it to work.

The MMD4E is compact and includes a large easy to read LCD screen, a power button, material select button, lock and audio button.  The unit is powered by an included 9v battery. Not only does it show the percentage of the moisture on the screen but it also has audio alerts and a hold feature.  On the back of the unit is a chart showing low, medium and high percentages.  It weighs about 4oz and the pins are replaceable if needed.  The unit will power down by itself if left on to save battery life.

Specifications: Overall Moisture Measurement Range: 5 to 50%for wood, 1.5 to 33% for building materialsWood Moisture Scales: 5 to 11.9% (low);12 to 15.9% (medium); 16 to 50% (high)Building Materials Scales: 1.5 to 16.9% (low);17 to 19.9% (medium); 20 to 33% (high)Measurement Accuracy: ±3% of readingMeasurement Resolution: ±0.1%Low Battery Level: <7.5VAuto Power Off Trigger: 3 minutes of inactivityCurrent Consumption: <15mAPower Source: 1 “9V” battery (included)

If your in the market for a Moisture Meter the MMD4E is a great choice.


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