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Every tool has a tale to tell, whether it has been handed down through generations or worked most of its life on a job site, they all have a story to tell.  My tool is the Stanley Yankee no.15a.  It started its life in London, England.  I am not sure what year, but I would guess sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s.  My grandfather was a London Taxi driver and worked on his own taxi in his small garage under his house.  I remember being a kid and my eyes would gleam every time I went down to the garage and saw all the tools hanging on the peg boards.  My father then inherited the tool and used it as a taxi mechanic, then brought the tool to the USA and started his own automotive business.

Now this tool is in my hands and it is quite a departure from the daily tools that I use.  The handle is made of wood  which is in surprisingly good shape except for the worn off paint.  The ratcheting action still works perfect.  It has a forward, reverse and a locked position.  The shaft of the tool is slightly bent from all the years of use.  This tool truly is a classic quality tool that has spent many years helping my family get the job done.  My Grandfather would never imagine that when he purchased this tool that it would be posted on the internet for the world to see 40 years later, after all they had rotary dial phones back then.

Whats your tool story? Share your story below and you are entered to win a Veto Pro Pac LC OT, it is the toughest tool bag on the planet and will last for generations!


  1. My dad gave me his old Milwaukee Sawzall he use to use on his jobs. Its heavy, but a beast. Occasionally I use it, just for fun, and the thing still rocks. The only thing he every had to replace on it was the power cord, which he replaced about ten times because stuff would fall on it. It doesn’t have the Quik-Loc cord, which I think is awesome now.

  2. My Dad gave me his old McCulloch chainsaw about 20 years ago. Man that thing is one heavy piece, but sit it on a log and watch it tear through it like butter. I can’t count the times I have had to break it out to go help someone who started a tree cutting job and then found out that their saw wasn’t up to the task. My dear Dad passed away several years back, but that saw is still running to this day. Every time I break it out to use it I can always remember those Sunday mornings we got together to cut a load of wood for the week. I swear the smell of sawdust is one of the sweetest smells on Earth…or maybe it’s just the wonderful memories it brings back.

  3. Note: who has the most tools when they die wins. I walked out to my rig opened the tool box, put a hammer in the top tray & closed the lid & walked away after walking about 20 feet I realized the box was empty, My heart drop to my feet, I ran back opened the box ,My worst nightmare came true TOOLS GONE. I told my wife once I would take a good hammer over a wife anyday, Does this explain it all. By the way I am now divorced LOL

  4. Theres an old girl in Rochdale Englad who still has a pair of tights bought her by a U.S G.I does this count? LOL 🙂


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