DeWALT Impact Ready Tough Case Set DWMTCIR20 – Review


Its not often I get excited over a bit set, but the new DWMTCIR20 20 piece tough case set  really lives up to the tough name.  First it comes with the DeWALT tough case which is awesome!  It is made out of the same tough material that the drills are made out of and instead of the usual yellow its black.  The case has magnets on the back and can adhere to any ferrous material.  I have loaded the case to full capacity and it had no issues holding on.  The kit also includes the most common impact driver accessories including: 2 drill bits, phillips and flat head bits and 3 nut runners.  DeWALT has included their new patented pivot holder in this kit, this gives you a 20 degree angle for getting into those tight spots.  I would have like to see the pivot hold its angle better as it kept snapping back into the straight position, however I would not let this deter you.  This is an awesome kit.  We tried to strip out the philips head and couldn’t, we even tried to strip it out on a vise and it damaged the vise not the bit.  Now thats DeWALT tough!  Not sold?  Watch the video at the bottom!



  1. I’ve being useing the same 2 bits for the last year and they are like new , except for the paint, and after a wild the pivot dose not snap back any more and the bit are easy to take off the pivot head ! Best bit i’ve tryed so far ! I have to try there impact ready drill bits . Just wish we could buy iempty case


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