Milwaukee 8 Piece SCREWDRIVER SET 48-22-2008 – Review

Milwaukee 8 Piece SCREWDRIVER SET 48-22-2008

There is usually not too much to say about screwdriver sets except for if they are good quality or bad quality, that is until now.  Milwaukee is taking the tool world by storm, every niche that they get into, they not only make the best quality product, but also the most innovative and if no niche exists, they create one!  After we visited Milwaukee last month, we got an insight into this process and got to meet all the creative minds behind the products.  The most important person to create the tool is the user and Milwaukee understands that.  Milwaukee works closely with the tradesman to design a tool that makes his or her job easier.


Lets go over the 8 piece Screwdriver set that is aimed towards electricians.  First the quality is top notch, the grip is comfortable and has a few surprises.  The grip includes a built in wire stripper thats strips up to a 12 gauge wire.  On the end caps of the flat heads is a shock resistant steel strike point, so you can beat them with a hammer.  On the shaft of the screw drivers is a hole that allows you to bend up 12 gauge wire, perfect for making loops.  Also on the end caps the bits are marked for easy identification. This is great for when its in your tool bag.  You don’t have to pull out 4 screwdrivers to find the right one.  Each bit is hardened and in our tests held up, even to the roughest of conditions.

Included in the kit is #1 and #2 ECX™ (4″), 1 and #2 Phillips (3″, 4″), 1/4″ and 5/16″ Slotted (4″, 6″)and 3/16″ Cabinet (3″, 6″).  Some people have asked us what the heck is an ECX bit?  Have you ever seen those screws that can be used with a phillips or a flat head?  They are usually found in electrical boxes or on electrical outlets.  The ECX bit fits them perfectly and gives you way more gripping power than a standard phillips or flat head.

So what do I think of these screwdrivers?  They are AWESOME!  They grip well,  are now my screwdriver of choice, worth every penny and here is a bonus: They a have a lifetime warranty.  You can buy them from ACME Tools here



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