Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

Like most people, I am a huge fan of quality tool boxes/cabinets.  The reason I have to stress quality is that while there are a ton of tool boxes in the marketplace it’s hard to find a quality box.  As you would expect, we always get emails asking about our opinion.  One request we always seem to get is what is the best box for the money?  I have to admit, I have never recommended Kobalt.  Not because I don’t I like them, but because I have never had any experience with them.  So since this is our first experience with Kobalt, let’s jump into the Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review and see what we think.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

Kobalt is a brand name of Lowes.  They have everything from power tools, hand tools, tool storage and more.  While I have had a lot of experience with Kobalt, this is really my first with the boxes. The one thing I can say is that when I first unwrapped this box, I was extremely surprised at the quality So before I jump into the performance of what I like or don’t like about the box, let see what features this box has to offer.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Features

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

This cabinet is the 3000 series and is built as a heavy duty workbench.  The cabinet provides 28,000 Cu inches of storage and a 2,000 lb load capacity. The walls are double thick for durability. The measurements are 61″ wide by 20″ deep and 41″ high.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

The top is a solid oak surface.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

The cabinet is built in with the Kwikset Smartkey which means you can easily rekey your locks to all use a single key.  Yes, it’s safe and can’t be rekeyed without having the original.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

The drawers support up to 100 lbs per drawer.  The ball bearing glides provide smooth operation along with a soft close.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

The cabinet does come with the liners.  They are thick and not cheap ones we have seen with other brands.

The cabinet has 11 different drawers and the best feature is there are numerous sizes, not just a couple.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

The casters are beefy and high quality.  The cabinet comes with two rigid and 2 swivel casters.

One each side of the cabinet, there are pegboard holes to hang tools.  The tubular handle can be moved and mounted to either side of the cabinet.

The included power strip is magnetic so you can put it anywhere on the box.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Performance


Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

The drawers all open easily and I love how solid this cabinet is.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

The slides are nice and extremely smooth.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

It’s easy to lock and unlock the casters with your foot.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Overview

The cabinet is great but I love the different size drawers.  You get a nice long top drawer and then the other drawers allow you to be organized with different types of tools.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Value

So here is the deal, the cabinet runs about $280 at Lowes.  I had to take a second and third look to make sure I was talking about the right SKU and it wasn’t just a sale price.  To me, this is a steal at that price.  I am not sure why everyone wouldn’t jump at that price. If you are looking for a box, for $280, you can’t go wrong.

Update – Not sure what happened to the price and if Lowes had it wrong on their website but now it’s priced at $699.

Kobalt Tool Cabinet Review Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a great box and especially for the money.  I love the drawers and how easy they open and close.  The biggest plus of this box is the different size drawers.  So many boxes just go with a couple of size drawers and I love how Kobalt mixed them all up. The Smartkey will make your life easier as you can use a single key.  For mine, I have my door, shed, box and this cabinet all keyed to one key so I no longer have to carry around a bunch of keys.


  1. Im checking across multiple states online for Lowe’s stores and its showing $699. This is off the bat a premium box for a Lowe’s product, there is no way that this is being handed out at $280.

    • That’s so weird because when you brought it up, I clicked on the link and it said $280. I go back now and it says $699. Thanks for catching that. Not sure what is going on with the price.


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