Mascot Workwear Review


The job site can be a brutal place, not only on your body but also your workwear.  Anyone in the field knows that there are a lot of clothing options available, there is really only a handful of companies that make them tough enough for the job site. We came across one company that thinks they are part of the elite clothing world and should have a place in your wardrobe.  So let’s check out the Mascot Workwear Review and see if the quality is enough to be there with the big boys.

Mascot Workwear Review Overview

So what do you look for in workwear?  For me, I want something that is tough and lightweight but comfortable.  I want something where I can have multiple pockets and something that makes life a little easier but I don’t want to pay a lot.

I know this is a lot to ask for but it shouldn’t be.  I just want someone to break the mold and go off and create a new design, something that fits the above wants and needs for me.  I want to be able to bend over and the waist stretches with me, but when I stand up, my pants don’t fall down.  I want a jacket that I can stretch my arms and the sleeves don’t ride up my arm but when I am standing upright, the sleeves are not covering my hands.

So now you know what I am looking for in workwear, let’s see what Mascot has to offer.

Mascot Workwear Review Features

Mascot Workwear Review

This is just a small fraction of all the workwear Mascot offers.  We figured we would each try out a jacket and a pair of pants.

The first set of pants are the Mascot Advance model 17079-311-55. The pants offer a ton of features such as four-way stretch material, water repellent, built in knee pads and a ton of pockets.  The pants are a low waist form cut which will offer more freedom of movement around the job site.

The built-in knee pads eliminate the sweat and irritations of traditional knee pads.  You can just insert the pads directly into the pants which is a very cool feature. The pants offer double stitch seams on the legs and crotch for added durability.

Next on the list is the Bremen model 14031-203-0618.  These pants contain Tencel which makes the fabric cooler, softer and moisture absorbing.  While the other pants feature double stitching, these pants feature triple stitching.

The pockets are made of Cordura for strength and longevity. So as you put in and take tools out, you don’t have to worry about them wearing out or getting holes in the pockets. These pants also feature built-in knee pads. Being in the trades, you will need plenty of pockets, which these have more than enough to carry around tools and more.

The winter jacket is the Darmstadt model 16002-149-11010 and comes in a variety of color options. The jacket is windproof, water resistant and breathable, all necessary qualities in a jacket. The jacket uses proprietary insulation that is compressed so it doesn’t add bulkiness but does add warmth.  The hood is detachable in case you’re not into that type of thing.  What I like is the sleeves are form cut and compressed on the inside.

The jacket has extra material in the places you need it most so when you move, the jacket doesn’t ride up on your back or arms.  Another cool feature is the jacket has plenty of pockets.

The next jacket is a little lighter and that is the Gandia model 15001-222-01014. This jacket comes in three different color combinations.  The Gandia is also breathable, windproof but this is waterproof and has taped seams.  The jacket has internal storm cuffs and can be adjusted in length.

The hood is detachable and also offers zippered pockets.  The Gandia has a great fit but not too tight.  The jacket does allow the user freedom of movement without it riding up on your back or waist.

Mascot Workwear Review Performance

Jackets – The Mascot jackets are some of my favorite jackets in the market place.  While I love the style, I love the comfort.  Sure the zippers are backward for me as I like the zipper on the right side of the jacket, but it was something I got used to pretty quickly.  When moving around, the jacket moved with me, not against me.  Along with the lightweight and freedom of movement, the jacket had plenty of storage to keep my phone and other items.

Pants – The pants remind me of some other brands in the market place.  I love all the pockets and built-in knee pads.  While I love these pants, I would like to see two changes.  First is the waist.  I would like to see an elastic waist or a partial elastic waistband.  When I bend down to grab the gummy worm I dropped, I want the pants to stretch with me.  I don’t want to feel like a small guy is trying to bear hug me around the waist.  Now I am not sure any workwear company has this type of waist, but it would be nice.  The second item is the crotch.  I want more room for my boys to be free.  I don’t like that area to be so tight when I am working.  Fine if I am hitting the town for a night out, but not when I am sweating and working hard.  Other than that, I love the pants.

Mascot Workwear Review Value

The Mascot pants you can pick up for between $50 and $200 depending upon the style and store.  Overall not a bad price.   The pants are high quality, made to last and have plenty of features for the working man.

The coats are pricey, which would be expected.  The coat you can pick up from $120 to $300, again depending on the store and style.  Compare this with other workwear or even non-workwear clothing, these are a good value.

All in all the prices are comparable to other popular workwear items in the market place. Yes, you can buy cheaper items, but that is also the quality you will get, something that won’t last.  The Mascot is a good value for quality, toughness, and performance.

Mascot Workwear Review Final Thoughts

So in the end, I do feel like Mascot has a place with the elite workwear companies.  They have a lot to offer in regards to style, comfort, features, and performance.  While I love the jackets and think they are extremely comfortable, stylish and warm, I would like to see some changes in the pants.  The pants are awesome and most people will love them.  I love the pockets and build quality.  I do wish there was an elastic waistband or partial elastic waistband.  My other gripe is I want more room in the crotch area.  Other than those two complaints I am a fan of Mascot workwear.


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