Dewalt Cooler Review

Dewalt Cooler Review

Dewalt is known for their job site tough tools.  Dewalt manufacturers power tools for the professional tradesmen and they are one of those power tool manufacturers that are known for their toughness.  One thing they aren’t known for is their cooler.  Yes, you heard me right, a cooler.  When I found out Dewalt had a cooler on the market, I had to get one.  So let’s take a look at the Dewalt Cooler Review.

Dewalt Cooler Review Overview

The two best times of the workday are lunch and quitting time.  Okay, that may be a little off the wall, but for us to keep running at full steam, we have to recharge our bodies.  We need food and drinks.  Now you might be saying, “I am not lugging that around every day for my lunch.”  Which I reply, I totally agree.  The cooler is a little big for that.  But this really isn’t for one, it’s for all.

True, this cooler is perfect for the weekend to get away with the family and friends, which that is what I am using it for. I will be using this for camping, tailgating, my next fishing trip and more. However, there are plenty of jobs where you need to have access to food and water. You need something that will keep it cold for days and plenty of room to have enough drinks for all.  If you are a linesman working outside, how great is it to have cooler like this that will keep water cold for everyone and can take abuse.  What about other jobs such as a fireman who need some water after fighting a fire or just a hard day of training?  The list goes on where people need water or liquid and that’s where this cooler comes into play.

Dewalt Cooler Review Features

Dewalt Cooler Review

The Dewalt Tough System cooler is a 27-quart cooler that has 5-day ice retention and an IP65 rating for the job site. Since it’s part of the ToughSystem, it can be stacked with the ToughSystem module. The box is 16″ high by 14.375″ deep and 21.6″ wide.

Dewalt Cooler Review

The cooler uses metal latches to ensure a tight lock and if bumped or hit, the latches will not break.

Dewalt Cooler Review

On top of the cooler, there are two cup holders making it perfect for two.

Dewalt Cooler Review

The cooler features a foldaway plastic handle to carry it from location to location.

Dewalt Cooler Review

On the side of the cooler, there are two additional handles so you can carry it around with two hands.  Plus it makes it much easier to lift and move around with these handles, especially when it’s full and heavy.

Dewalt Cooler Review

Lucky for all of us, it has a bottle opener built into the cooler.

Dewalt Cooler Review

When you open the lid, you will see a rubber seal that helps protect the outside from the inside, plus making it keep the cold in.

Dewalt Cooler Review

The walls of the cooler are thick and use foam to help make the cooler last up to 5 days.

Dewalt Cooler Review Performance

Dewalt Cooler Review

I haven’t used this in the dead of summer but if you follow us on Instagram, follow us as I will be posting this.  I am going to bring this to baseball games in the summer heat and will report back on how it holds up.

For now, I am taking their word that ice will last up to 5 days.  Considering how thick the walls are, the metal latches and the tight seal, I can easily see it lasting up to 5 days, especially when I compare it against other coolers that we have tested that haven’t been as well designed.

I like how I can get all those drinks inside and there is plenty of room for ice.  If I want to stack up cans, I can stack two tall and still have room for ice.

Even with bottles, cans and more, there is plenty of room for ice.  I can still dig into the cooler, get what I need and not have to worry about the ice dumping everywhere.

The whole cooler is built well and I don’t have any issues with the quality.  Again, this is what you would expect from a company like Dewalt.

Dewalt Cooler Review Value

The cooler runs about $140 on Amazon.  At first, I thought this was a lot.  However, after doing a little research, this is actually a great deal.  A 20-quart Yeti cooler runs about $200 and a 30-quart Pelican cool runs about $225.  So $140, I am a buyer.

Dewalt Cooler Review Final Thoughts

I have two kids and we are always doing outdoor activities.  I use coolers all the time and this is a great cooler.  Sure it last 5 days, has plenty of room and different carrying options and let’s not forget, tough.  Considering I can get all this for less than other brand names, this is a no brainer.


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