Milwaukee Heated Glove Review

Milwaukee Heated Glove Review

I know winter is over but we wanted to test these gloves out for a while.  So who would wear heated gloves?  Well, there are a ton of outdoor activities where we stand around which I will go into shortly.  I am the weirdo who is wearing shorts when it’s 5 degrees outside.  Not sure why, but I love the cold.  However, my fingers and toes will get extremely cold if I am not dressed right.  So while I do have some tricks for your fingers and toes, I have one easy trick that Milwaukee came up with, heated gloves.  So let’s check out the Milwaukee heated glove review.


Milwaukee is a leader in the power tool world of heated gear.  They offer a wide range of jackets and hoodies and now they have heated gloves.  I have to admit, I am a big fan of their heated gear.  So when I found out they had gloves, I had to give them a shot.

Now I understand that heated gloves aren’t for everyone.  If you are outside working and moving around, then heated gloves might not work for you.  I have used these when shoveling and other activities where I was moving around.  For me, my hand gets too hot and sweaty.  Now that was me, others might like that and not get too hot. Sure, you can also wear these gloves without the heat on.

Here is a quick tip.  If you are outside and moving around, but you still get cold hands or feet here is a trick.  Put baby powder in your socks and gloves.  When you move around, you create sweat.  The evaporation of the sweat and the cold air cause your digits to get cold.  The baby powder will help soak up the sweat and eliminate the evaporation and allow you to stay warm.

While that is a great trick for those who move around, what about those of us who stand around as the trick doesn’t work.  This makes the heated gloves perfect for those who are lethargic outside.  There are plenty of jobs where you are sitting around on a forklift, open trailer or other jobs where your fingers get cold because you’re not moving around.  I also think these are perfect for the outside enthusiast that are either walking around in the cold or standing around.  Perfect example.  My kids play hockey and they have some outside games.  As a parent, I stand around and watch the 60-minute game outside.  So my hands get extremely cold and these gloves are key for me to bare the outside.


Milwaukee Heated Glove Review

Yes, you get a left and right glove, how cool is that?  Milwaukee designed these heated gloves for the tradesmen so they are built not only to last but built with some very cool features.

The gloves are powered by a rechargeable Milwaukee 4V battery.  Using the included USB chargers, you can charge both batteries at the same time.

On the back of the glove, there is a zipper pocket where the battery gets plugged into.  You can get about 6 hours of runtime on low. The gloves heat the back of the hand and fingers.

Milwaukee Heated Glove Review

There are three settings for the glove, high, med and low.

Milwaukee Heated Glove Review

The palms and fingers are 100% leather for not only dexterity but also durability. You can still use your index finger on your smartphones.

Milwaukee Heated Glove Review

The wrist has elastic to keep the glove fitted around your wrist and help keep the heat in.

Milwaukee Heated Glove Review

On the back of the glove, Milwaukee designed the gloves with their GRIDIRON Ripstop which is what they use on some of their heated jackets for durability on the job site.


Milwaukee Heated Glove Review

For comfort, these gloves are like every other glove on the market so don’t expect a different fit since they are heated.  They are soft inside and comfortable.  Like every other large glove, you won’t be able to do fine detail work, but again, that’s not what these gloves are designed for.

Okay cool, they are comfortable on the inside but what about the battery?  The battery sits on the backside of your arm so it never really feels heavy or awkward.  When you first put on the glove, you can tell there is something in the cuff and it feels different than normal gloves.  After a little while, you’re used to it and it’s not annoying at all.  The only time I really notice the battery is when I bend my wrist towards my forearm.  Then I can feel the battery.

Milwaukee Heated Glove Review

It’s important to have the right fit glove and Milwaukee helps make it easier.  On the side of their boxes, it will show you exactly how to measure your hand and decide which size to buy.


You can pick up a pair at The Home Depot for about $180.  So is this a good deal?  If you just need gloves and won’t be using the heated option, it’s a very expensive glove and not worth it.  I have found other heated gloves for much less but I have two problems with these other brands.  First is the battery.  I know Milwaukee makes a great battery that will last.  Second is quality.  The Milwaukee gloves are quality gloves.

If you will be spending any time outside for work or pleasure and your fingers get cold, it’s worth every penny since they work so well.  For me, I am a buyer.  While I won’t use them as much as someone who works outside every day, they are key.  I will use them at least 5 to 7 times for hockey games.  Plus all the times we go sledding, it’s worth the cost to not have to worry about cold fingers.  Yes, it’s expensive for a pair for myself and my wife, but I know I will get a lot of years out of these gloves.

Milwaukee Heated Glove Review Final Thoughts

Chalk up another victory for the Milwaukee heated gear line of workwear.  The gloves are comfortable and work great. While they are on the pricey side of the scale, it’s worth it for those who work or hang out outside.  I love how the gloves are longer and cover my sleeves.  I love the leather hands and the Ripstop Polyester for toughness.


  1. Tried them on last winter. The problem is had with them is the XL was too small for me. The cuff was also to tight. If they had an XXL option and a larger cuff I would strongly consider buying a pair, but until then I just have to use regular gloves


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