KOBALT Double Drive Screwdriver 2.0 – Review


Last year we all loved the Double Drive from KOBALT, we even did a test and proved that it is really twice as fast as a regular ratcheting screwdriver.  Here we are a year later and KOBALT now has a Double Driver Double Deal!  You now get a mini Double Drive along with the big Double Drive.  The driver has remained the same with all metal gears except for the outer gear case which is now made of plastic which lightens the screwdriver a bit.

The new mini is pretty much the same just smaller.  The end cap spins but is not removable like the big version.  The double drive can be used just like a regular ratcheting screwdriver with one hand.  When you hold the metal ring it starts double driving.  The mini Double Drive is one of the best precision screwdrivers I have ever used.  You know when you get those really long precision screws that take a thousand spins to remove?  The mini Double Drive is perfect for that!  Both tools are reversible via a thumb switch and come with some bits in a plastic storage case.

The Double Drive makes a perfect gift for Dad any time of the year and with a lifetime warranty, will last a lifetime.  Get yours at Lowes.




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