DeWalt DXGN7200 7200 Watt Commercial Generator – Review


A generator is just one of those items that you should have no matter if you use it a lot or hardly at all because it can save you in a power outage.  As I am writing this, the east coast is preparing for Hurricane Sandy that will take out the power of thousands, for days.  We all know DeWALT as a quality brand so when it comes to generators they don’t mess around.  The DXGN7200 is a rugged unit designed to run all day and night with hardly any downtime.  The 11.7hp GX390 Honda motor means that it is reliable and starts first pull every time.  For those who don’t like a to pull start, the generator has an electric start system that is powered by a motorcycle style 12v battery which we purchased at our local auto parts store.

The frame of the unit is powder coated heavy gauge steel.  The top has a hook mounting point so you can lift the 195 lb generator easily around the job site.  We added the optional DCGN010WK wheel kit which really makes the unit mobile and is a must for one person to move it around.  Big 10″ flat free wheels with a thick 5/8th solid steel axle make any terrain easy to navigate.   The 8 gallon gas tank is made of steel and has a big easy to fill cap on the top with a fuel gauge.  With a full tank you get about 13 hours at 50% load and when the unit is left unattended and your oil level gets low the unit will automatically shut down to prevent damage to the engine.

The generator will run just about everything on the job site from saws to welders.  Rain or shine this unit will provide 6100 watts and 7200 surge watts and run a total of 50.8 amps.  The power is clean thanks to an inverter and a premium alternator which puts out low total harmonic distortion.  This means you can run electronic equipment from the unit without issues.  Even though this unit was designed for commercial use, it makes an awesome generator for property owners where power outages are not an option.

The front panel is laid out well and it is easy to use.  The fuel shutoff valve is recessed to prevent damage and is easy to tune even with gloves on.  To the right of that is the starter switch, the choke is on the left side of the motor.  Next we have the idle control switch which will help you consume less fuel by letting the unit idle down.  Next to that is the 120/240 selector switch.  Next we have an hour meter so you can service the unit at regular intervals, a must have for a commercial unit.  Below the switch panel is the outlets which are four 20 amp GFCI 120V,  one 30 amp 120V Twist Lock and one 27A 120/240v twist lock which are all controlled by the main circuit breaker switch.

DeWALT has some of the best generators on the market, in my opinion nothing else comes close to the quality of this generator.  A generator is a serious investment and you need to rely on it year after year getting beat up on the job site.  I would put my money on DeWALT generators time and again and the DXGN7200 would be my top pick.  DeWALT covers this product with a 3 year warranty.   Check out the DXGN7200 via



  1. Dewalt wasn’t known for great quality generators when they had their last run about 3 or 4 years ago. Their generators would die out after a few months and guess what…they dropped the line for a few years. Let’s hope they did better this go around.

  2. They are actully made by Pramac as of 2012. Get the Pramac 7200 and its exactly the same with different paint and is a little cheaper. They are very high quality. Great Job on them. They also make Powermate brand. Best part made in USA.


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