KOBALT Magnum Grip Pliers – Perfect Gift


20 or so years ago Bob Villa was all the rage with the Robo Grip pliers.  KOBALT has their own take on the Robo Grip with some innovative features.  The great thing about these pliers is that they auto adjust, are under $20 and have a lifetime warranty.  Another feature that stands out is that you can use the tool like a caliper thanks to the easy to read markings.  You can gauge the size of any nut or bolt up to 1 1/4″ on the 8″ pliers and up to 3/4″ on the 6″ pliers.

The 8″ pliers also have no marring pads that can be removed to expose the serrated jaws for a better grip, a copper wire cutter and a wire stripper.  The stripper worked better with smaller gauge wire and the cutters worked good for just about any general household copper wire. Both pliers have a loop hole for creating electrical loops for outlets etc.. The slide over grips are about what you would expect for the price.

For just under $20 the Magnum Grip pliers make a great gift for just about anyone in your family that uses pliers.  Dad will love them, even if he already has too many pliers in his tool box.  Available at Lowes the Magnum Grip Pliers have a lifetime warranty.



  1. I actually have the old robo grip in my climbing belt for cable. not much gripping power but this here might actually make the cut to my regular tool belt. thanks for the review guys!

  2. I have tried a few times at the Altoona store with no luck finding these. Why do you advertise this item and it’s not available.

  3. The advertisement at Lowe’s mentions that the pliers are also wire strippers but fail to show how to use it as a stripper. YOU also mentioned a stripper but there is no reference how it is to be done. And it does not do well as a wire cutter either.

  4. Can you grip a hose clamp enough to make it loose enough to come off the hose? I can not. Please tell me how with the Kolbalt Magnum grip.


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