Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review

Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review

Klein is known as one of the best hand tool makers for electricians out there. When I first saw a photo of this tool, my first thought was that it looked just like one of my Dad’s old Swiss Army Knives. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, these were a staple, and one of the first things I bought to go in my first car. Now I am not an electrician, and besides installing lights and a few small repairs to outlets, I am a bit out of my comfort zone with live wires. Having said that, when I do work with anything electrical, I take no chances. Reliable tools make for easy and quick jobs. This multi-tool from Klein is meant to serve several functions, for both the tradesman and the average homeowner. Let’s get into the Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review and see what this tool is all about.

Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review Overview

Klein was founded by a German immigrant Mathias Klein in 1857, with a single repair to a pair of pliers. By 1910, their line had expanded to over 100 different pliers. They’ve seen a lot of growth in the last decade, adding the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center in Mansfield Texas in 2011. Klein Tools are largely manufactured in the United States, and they remain one of the highest regarded hand tool companies today.

Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review Features

Klein Electricians Multi-Tool ReviewMade from Stainless Steel with an Aluminum handle this Multi-Tool from Klein is rugged and sturdy.

Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review

Klein included seven key functions on this Multi-Tool, hybrid pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, a pocket knife, a No 2 Phillips Screwdriver, slotted screwdriver and a metal splinter remover.

Klein Electricians Multi-Tool ReviewThe wire stripper is ideal for 10-14 AWG solid wire and 12-16 AWG stranded wire.
Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review
Klein included a wide knurled plier head for versatile uses with wire such as twisting and grabbing.
Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review
The 3-inch drop point knife blade is easy to open even with the tool closed. It also has a liner lock to keep the blade securely open when in use.
Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review
Both screwdrivers tuck neatly into the handle but allow for easy access.
Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review
The tweezers included are perfect for small splinter removal.

Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review Performance

I liked this tool so much from Klein, I actually purchased one for my Dad. Outside of the small electrical jobs I’ve done recently, I find myself reaching for this tool for all kinds of small jobs. The knife is sharp and the locking mechanism helped the blade stay securely in place. That’s not the kind of thing you want any surprises with. Additionally, the screwdriver heads were the same, offering an easy way to make adjustments without reaching for another tool. Switching between functions was simple as well. This Multi-Tool had just enough options to be functional, but not so many that it was cumbersome.

The one thing that didn’t blow me away with the tool is the splinter remover. Generally, these aren’t altogether great on multi-tools and this one was just average. Multi-tools generally don’t have quite the same quality as their individual counterparts. This isn’t the case with this tool though. While you may have small adjustments given changes in grip, etc. the tools are built well. Even with the thicker handles, this Multi-Tool has been comfortable and easy to use.

Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review Value

So how does the Klein Multi-Tool (Model # 442164) ring out at the cash register? Well, it’s not the cheapest, and it isn’t the most expensive, priced at $39.99 at The Home Depot. I feel the price it well worth the cost given their quality. Enough so, that when I was looking for a gift for my Dad, I didn’t hesitate to run out and pick one up. Not everyone will feel the same, but to me this was a great value when compared to swiss army knives or the like.

Klein Electricians Multi-Tool Review Final Thoughts

I keep my Multi-Tool securely in the center console of my Truck, and I get a lot of use out of it. When I replaced some lights in my garage, it was a huge asset to keeping one single tool out instead of managing several. Each function works just as it should, with no quality missing anywhere. If you’re a professional, you won’t be disappointed in the craftsmanship. For homeowners or hobbyists, you’ll find this a useful tool for jobs you want to keep your tool lineup simple and portable.


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