Jobox Review

Jobox Review

Take a look at any police blotter and you will see how many power tools are stolen each week. Considering how much power tools cost and how much we rely on them for day to day work, doesn’t it make sense to protect them from thieves and outside elements? Well, that is exactly what Jobox does, it’s a chest that protects your tools or other items that are important to you. Today we take a look at the chest so let’s take a look at the Jobox Review model 651990.

Jobox Review Overview

Jobox has a history of making tough boxes, safety cabinets, truck storage and more.  If you are not familiar with them, they are a subsidiary of APEX Tool Group. This means it’s not some small company looking to turn a couple of products. Jobox is part of a large company that fully backs it’s products and tests them to make sure they are quality and will take years of abuse.

Jobox Review Features

Jobox Review

There is a wide range of options Jobox offers, this one happens to be their smallest size which is the 651990. This box is made in the USA and has a powder coating for durability and shouldn’t fade over time. The box is made from steel and is 18″ wide x 31″ long and 15.5″ height. The box weighs about 70lbs.

Jobox Review

On the front of the box, there is a handle which you will need to assemble once you get your box.

One very cool feature is the way the box locks. You do have to provide your own lock, which is a bummer, but on the positive side, you can not use a bolt cutter to cut the lock as it’s hidden and you only have access to the key area.

Jobox Review

On the side of the box, there are handles to carry around. The unit is heavy but you can carry it around when it’s empty.

Jobox Review

On the bottom of the bottom, there are feet on each side which serves two purposes.  First, you can lift this with a forklift if needed. Second, it makes it taller so it’s easier to access items inside of the box. You won’t have to bend over as far to get into the box which is huge.

Jobox Review

On the inside lid, there is a steel bracket to help provide support and rigidity to the lid if something heavy sits on the lid.

When you open the lid, there is a single articulating arm that will lock into place so you don’t have to worry about it falling back on to your arm due to wind or some other force.

Jobox Review

The whole box has a full weld and inside just a tac spot weld. This is one of the reasons the box is so solid and offers so much protection.

Jobox Review

Jobox also designed this with a small lip where the lid will cover once closed. This means you will get less dirt or outside debris into the box and helps protect what’s inside.

Jobox Review

Inside the box, it is smooth steel with powdered coated paint.

Jobox Review

The inside panels have a nice fit. I have seen some chests where it doesn’t have a good fit between pieces and you know that will create a weak point for years to come. I like how the Jobox is built around quality.

Jobox Review Performance

Overall I don’t have any complaints on this box. It’s made to work and built to last. It’s been sitting outside for over a month. This is something I am putting in the back of my truck for a couple of weeks then passing it on to a contractor to get his feedback. So follow us on Instagram and you can keep up with what they think.

As for me, I love this box. It’s tough, it opens easily and protects what’s inside. Since we took pictures, I have installed a lock and love having the piece of mind that no one can use a bolt cutter to take what’s inside.

Jobox Review Value

You can pick this chest up for about $390 on The Home Depot website. I think the box is well built and I love not being able to use a bolt cutter to break in. I like the lip on the top to prevent outside elements from entering. Considering how much tools cost, I think $390 is a fair price considering the build quality and the purpose of this product.

Jobox Review Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a chest to offer protection from thieves and outside elements, Jobox is one of the premier manufacturers of chests. This box is tough and will hold up for years, providing much-needed protection to some of our biggest investments.


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